Here are 8 mistakes to avoid if you want to make up without looking old

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It is very popular to wear make-up to reduce your age, but many people find that they look older after using make-up than before. Why is that? This could be because you’ve fallen into one of the following myths. In fact, makeup can be said to be a double-edged sword, painting well can give you extra points, but if the painting is not good, the consequences will be their own.


Don’t brush cheek is red


As we age, our skin loses its ruddy hue and becomes pale and dull, so blushing is an important step.


Action: Apply a creamy blush to the apples to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.


Wear too much foundation


To cover concealer, some people can put on thick foundation of a foundation, its result is to cause foundation caking, and foundation can penetrate inside skin fold, make wrinkle more outstanding.


Suggestion: With the help of a wet sponge on the face of a light moisturizing foundation (try to avoid too thick foundation or too durable foundation), in order to effectively fade fine lines, while avoiding dry skin.


Apply too much concealer under your eyes


A dull complexion under your eyes can age you, but applying too much concealer to cover it up will only lead to clumping and draw attention to the area you’re trying to cover up.


Suggestion: Choose a frosty, saturated concealer (stick) that will cover dark circles without drying and clumping.




The lipstick is too dark


Our lips get thinner as we age, and dark lipstick can make our lips look smaller and thinner, slightly older and more serious.


Suggestion: Use bright lip balm or bright lip gloss, and increase the amount in the middle of the lips to deepen the color, resulting in a plump effect.


Apply eyeliner to your entire eye


A dark liner on the upper and lower LIDS will give the eyes a “murderous look” and accentuate crow’s feet. The heavy sense that draws thick eyeliner on upper eyelid also can increase eyelid.


Action: Apply eyeliner only to three-quarters of the eyelid, then soften the hard line with a cotton swab or sloping sponge to soften the look. It is best to look at the part from the inner corner of the eye to the tear groove with highlighter.


Putting too much mascara on your lower eyelashes


While applying mascara to the lower lashes can magnify your eyes, for some people it can make them look droopy instead.


Suggestion: To avoid heavy lower eyelid, use the mascara that draws lower eyelid, use in upper eyelash.


Eyebrows too fine


Eyebrows get thinner and fade as you get older, which is why fuller brows make you look young and vibrant.


Tip: Use an eyebrow pencil or powder to slightly plump out slender brows or add a shade.


Too much shadow


Shadow (or bronzer) helps to accentuate your face and create a three-dimensional look, but if you go too deep, your face will look slightly dramatic and older.


Suggestion: from temple to the cheek of zygomatic below sweep on a shadow powder, can have stereo effect.

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