Here are the things you need to pay attention to to get a fall/winter look done in five minutes!

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If spring and summer day is a “pure and fresh girl”, so autumn and winter is a temperament “temperament goddess”. Lively colour suits chun xia, and qiu dong still needs certain heavy feeling, also be such on makeup look. Color of temperature of autumn and winter season is low, dress also slant dark, because this autumn and winter makeup look needs to depend on this foundation more show spirit, show color!


So how does autumn winter season quickly draw a beautiful makeup look? The Nikisho of maogoping makeup school below shares the key point of a few autumn and winter makeup look to everybody, let you can glamour value without effort UPUPUP!


The point t1 of a person’s spirit is mainly between the eyebrows and the eyes.




Eyebrows: when making up, eyebrows can be slightly thickened, deepened (thickened, deepened degree must grasp, do not let oneself become “small new eyebrow”), so your makeup will not appear in dark tonal dress “tasteless”.


Eyeliner: Eyeliner is also key. Without eyeliner, your eyes will look dull, especially if you have thin lashes. A simple line of eyeliner can make the whole person look energetic.


Eyelash: curl up the eyelash that becomes warped can make your eye more clever, so eyelash must clip become warped oh ~ can begin from eyelash root, divide a few clip, “sunflower” the eyelash like minute is had.


Eye shadow: when autumn winter eye shadow also can increase an area appropriately, the key is to want to undertake aggrandizement after eye end, especially lower eyelid also should be taken care of, color chooses earth color is appropriate.


POINT2: show color


What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to looking good? Lipstick!! The lipstick of qiu dong makeup can choose color to compare massiness, the qiu dong color of tie-in massiness, whole makeup look and dress are an organic whole.


Another secret weapon is blush. It’s best to match your blush to the color of your lipstick for a more balanced look. The area of blush can also be increased appropriately, but it must have a gradient, so that the whole looks like a natural feeling.


Said here, believe affirmation somebody can feel, if such makeup look whole aggravates, whole makeup look can appear very dirty! So what I want to say is very important!! If you want your makeup to look clean as a whole, your base must be flawless (underline!!). .


POINT3: Clean base


Clean bottom makeup above all you should find the foundation that suits oneself, and achieve the makeup face with perfect texture, just right color, it is the end of bottom makeup by no means! The ultimate goal of base makeup lies in how long you can hold the beautiful state! So we should also pay attention to makeup, if your skin is oily, it is recommended that you do not easily try water light muscle, maybe when the painting is good beauty to light, once the oil started, the base makeup will be mottled to not see. Dry skin is optional!


To oily skin, makeup of dumb light bottom also is in qiu dong very should look, and still show temperament very much. After a little oil also has a creamy muscle effect, the same beautiful ~

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