High-quality skin care, “netflix” avocado skin care tips

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I believe most people have some understanding of avocado, know that this is a “high fat, low sugar”, nutritional value of the fruit. The avocado is rich in vitamins, a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and protein, as well as high levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other elements, very beneficial to the human body, is the best food partner of many fitness enthusiasts.


But did you know? Avocado contains a lot of plant fiber, vitamins, folic acid also has a certain effect on beauty care. Regular consumption of avocado can help soften and moisturize the skin, but also can effectively reduce the pores, so that the skin looks tighter and smoother. The fatty oil contained in the kernel is non-drying and has a mild aroma, which can also be used for food, medicine and cosmetics industry. It can be said that the avocado whole body is treasure, let’s see what other advantages of using avocado skin care!


Today’s young people focus on “green, healthy” diet, skin care also began to focus on “natural skin care”, “plant skin care” and other healthy and natural concepts, in order to meet consumer demand, more and more skin care brands focus on the addition of In order to meet the needs of consumers, more and more skin care brands focus on adding extracts of plants and fruits. Among them, avocado is one of the most used fruits.


Avocado mask


Avocado in skin care products, the most used plant oil ingredients, moisturizing, exfoliating, sunscreen and other effects; rich in vitamin E is an antioxidant, can effectively soothe the skin, prevent aging; high content of unsaturated fatty acids can deeply nourish the skin, strengthen the skin’s moisturizing; and rich sterols, can help produce more skin collagen, soften the skin, lighten the pigmentation.


Avocado is rich in a variety of nutrients and can provide a comprehensive skin care effect. At the same time, its mild and non-irritating properties can meet the needs of various skin types such as dry skin, sensitive skin, and mature skin.


Among avocado skin care products, the most common products are the following, covering almost all daily needs.


Avocado cream: It has a mild texture and can be a bit greasy to use, but it easily penetrates into the skin and accelerates absorption. Avocado cream can effectively repair sagging, dry, dull, large pores, fine lines and other skin problems, so that the skin presents a delicate, firm, soft and shiny state.


Avocado mask: fresh taste, high hydration, strong sense of fit, easy absorption, ideal for autumn and winter. The rich and delicate oil can be used to massage other parts of the skin, effectively keeping it moist and preventing seasonal problems of flaky, dry skin.


Avocado Eye Cream: The eye cream is natural, fragrance-free and very safe to use, and can be used safely by those with sensitive eyelids and by pregnant and nursing mothers.


Avocado lip balm: fresh taste, hydrating gloss, can be long-lasting moisture lips, natural ingredients and non-irritating. Even if accidentally ingested, it has no effect on health.


In the process of using avocado skin care products, there is another very important point that is often mentioned, the color of avocado products is fresh and natural, without the addition of pigment, there is a natural sense of premium, so that people can look “appetizing”, can stimulate skin care motivation. At the same time, the color’s unique vitality gives people a positive mood, and avocado color brightness is not high, is the popular Morandi color – gentle, retro, cool and senior, just take a photo to show the quality of life, so that people get emotional relief and a sense of pleasure.


Of course, avocado skin care products are recommended, and what is not to be missed is the “dietary therapy”, that is, through the dietary supplement avocado way to achieve both internal and external health and beauty effects.

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