How do salons do activities to increase their exposure

wu meijie Date:2021-09-03 16:34:15
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Activities to increase exposure is a must for beauty salons, for the cost of advertising, in the beauty salon to do to increase exposure activities, the cost is much lower, the effect will also be better, net red beauty salons are relying on incentives for ordinary users to send content, saving a large amount of promotion costs.


1,Continuous forwarding tweets free experience project

The tweets sent by the beauty salon, let users forward to social software, forward once a day, after a week of continuous forwarding to the store to verify, free experience a project.


The essence is a process of taking experience projects for traffic advertising.


Beauty Salon


2,Take photos to collect likes, and reduce the cost according to the number of likes

After you arrive at the store, take photos and send out social software to collect likes, and then reduce the relative price according to the number of likes collected.


The corresponding copy can be provided to customers, which not only improves the effect of forwarding, but also reduces the “cost” of forwarding by customers.


3,TikTok and Facebook gifts

Customers can get a small gift for taking TikTok or Facebook pictures in beauty salons.The salon can leave a special place for such customers to take pictures.


4,Bargain hunting activity

Poundland’s invite friends to cut prices we all should know, beauty salons can completely learn from, so that customers can enjoy the project at low prices or even free.


Must choose a reliable bargain platform, the experience should be good, the user in order to low price or even free, will let every person around to bargain, invisible for the beauty salon to do the promotion.


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