How not to take off your makeup and keep it all day? Tell you three little secrets about not taking off your makeup

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It’s beautiful to go out every morning, but I start to faint makeup after noon. After work, you want to go out on a date. Your mottled makeup makes you unable to relax at all. Wearing a “flower cat face” is easy to leave a bad impression. How not to take off your makeup and keep it all day? Tell you three little secrets about not taking off your makeup!


1.ABA Concealer method


A stands for concealer, and B stands for powder. It is not enough to have only one concealer. First, press a little Concealer on the defect area before putting it on the bottom, then pat it on the whole face, then use it with a little concealer. You will notice that the concealer can prolong the durability of concealer.


2. Sponge, an important tool for make-up


Different foam cell sizes will cause uneven powder staining of the sponge each time. Therefore, try to choose a sponge with the same foam cell size.


The method of grasping sponge is also very particular. Press three fingers behind the sponge, gently lean your thumb and little finger against both sides to maintain stability, and then dip half of the sponge with a uniform amount of powder.




3.Makeup order


As the makeup removal ratio of the face is different, the makeup sequence is very important. Use a sponge to evenly dip the powder, and apply makeup on one part at a time, first from the forehead to the temple, then to the nose to the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, and finally the whole cheek.


When making up, do a good job in skin care before make-up. Only with a good skin foundation can make the make-up look more delicate and smooth. Take a look at the following methods. The tips of making up delicate and smooth make up make up delicate.


1,Basic skin care. Before making up, we should do a good job in basic skin care, mainly including cleansing, toning, moisturizing, moisturizing, sunscreen, etc. According to their own skin state, choose appropriate skin care products for nursing. It is recommended to use luxury pulse skin measurement customization and precise skin care for skin care.


2,Base before makeup. If sunscreen is the last step of skin care, pre makeup milk / cream can be regarded as the first step of makeup. Use pre makeup milk or isolation cream to correct uneven skin color, increase the fit between base makeup and skin, and make up more delicate. It is recommended that you choose the pre makeup milk with thick texture and strong moisturizing power, so that the makeup can be more fit without floating powder.


Tips for making up delicate and smooth, apply makeup with beauty eggs:


3,Put makeup on the makeup egg. When applying makeup, I personally suggest to use makeup eggs for makeup. First soak the makeup eggs in the water to expand them, and then squeeze away the water from the makeup eggs for makeup. Make use of the sharp position of the makeup eggs to make the makeup at the nose and mouth more fit.


4,Fix makeup. Fixed makeup is an important step in makeup. It can combine makeup spray with loose powder. Generally, it contains fine talcum powder, which absorbs excess oil from the face and reduces the facial gloss. It can make the makeup more durable and smooth.


Well, have you learned how to keep all day without taking off your makeup? In addition, we should pay attention to the basic skin care before makeup. We can customize the skin care for the current state of the skin.

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