How to choose a beauty device? After reading this review article ten minutes to teach you those sets of beauty instrument

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The more popular several beauty instrument parameters comparison I organized a table, you can refer to: I will also take their own hands have a few key analysis, which is more reliable look at this article you will know! The principle of radio frequency beauty instrument anti-aging.


Radio frequency, also called RF, is a high-frequency AC change of electromagnetic waves, the frequency is very high, and the human tissue is a conductive body, when the radio frequency current through the body through the tissue, the tissue resistance to radio frequency waves, so that the tissue (dermis) charged ions or molecules rapid oscillation, oscillation generated heat, its energy can reach the dermis.


After the skin is exposed to the energy generated by RF, the temperature of the dermis rises, and the collagen is shortened by the heat, which means that the fibroblasts in the dermis are affected by the heat and think they are “burned” and start the self-healing function.The visual effect is that the skin tightens, wrinkles become lighter, and the skin looks younger.


In human terms, this principle is a bit like baking sweet potatoes, the inside has been cooked outside the epidermis is intact, radio frequency technology is to make the skin intact, but inside the collagen has been regenerated, is not scorched outside but inside the feeling of very tender.


The principle of microwave ovens is also electromagnetic waves in everyday life, so that is not a good understanding.The following formally enter the subject part of this article.The wind is very big several radio frequency beauty instrument, in the end which is reliable?


Here will take the best reputation on the market several products, but also my hand YAMAN, Tripollar and BOXURY, from the multi-dimensional to do a comparison, to see which one you should be suitable.


See other responders analyze the key parameters of RF: power, waveform, frequency, the conclusion is to rely on these three parameters, it is difficult to directly compare the advantages and disadvantages between products.


beauty instrument


Effectiveness and safety


1, what kind of RF is really effective?


The depth of RF action determines the effectiveness of RF.The above RF principle is very clear, want to let collagen newborn, have to let the dermis temperature rise, and the depth of RF can reach the dermis to play heat, depending on the number of electrodes and the distance between electrode pieces.


The radio frequency instrument is generally different polarity of the two electrode piece composed of an electrode group, the current market of radio frequency class beauty instrument to bipolar radio frequency and multi-polar radio frequency mostly, bipolar radio frequency is two metal electrode piece, more than two for multi-polar radio frequency, multi-polar radio frequency can be more accurate control of radio frequency energy, so relatively speaking the more electrode piece the better.


YAMAN, Tripollar, BOXURY are 4, from this dimensional comparison, no difference.


But just look at the electrode piece is not accurate, the distance between the electrode piece, the flatness of the electrode piece will also affect the use of the effect.


TripollarTriPollar STOP RF instrument distance between the two electrode pieces is 8.2mm, BOXURY multifunctional RF instrument distance between the two electrode pieces is 7mm, according to the achievable depth = electrode head distance between the 1 in 2 calculation, these two can achieve the depth of 4.1mm, 3.5mm, RF depth is enough to reach the dermis.


YAMAN is a circular guide head, RF depth is limited to about 1mm, the dermis is a bit hanging.Distance this dimensional comparison, Tripollar win.


But just look at the number is not completely, electrode piece flatness is also very important, radio frequency instrument is and human skin contact to produce the effect, so the electrode piece and skin contact the more complete, the effect on the dermis the higher the efficiency.


Through the following chart can see, BOXURY is relatively flat, Tripollar electrodes compared to BOXURY reveal a lot of high, which will lead to paste on the face will have a lot of electric field exposure in the air, energy utilization is relatively low.


Flatness and fit on this dimension, YAMAN can be said to be the best, you can also feel during the use of the four-ring plane and the skin contact surface is relatively large, like the cheeks, especially the forehead part, its fit is perfect.


Number of electrodes: YAMAN=BOXURY=Tripollar

Electrode distance: Tripollar>BOXURY>YAMAN

Electrode sheet flatness: YAMAN>BOXURY>Tripollar


2,  what kind of RF is really safe?


The temperature sensor determines the safety of the radio frequency beauty instrument.RF technology direct action mechanism or thermal effect, to allow the temperature to reach in order to produce results, but can not be too high, otherwise it will produce adverse consequences, such as burns, lipolysis, skin become sensitive, etc..


So RF products have a temperature sensor is quite important, in the use of the process, when the temperature is found to be too high automatically help you regulate, to reduce the danger in this regard.


Here is a point of knowledge, how to distinguish the product has no temperature control, see whether there is a small knob, this knob is generally contact temperature control, or to see if he has this infrared this small window like something, that if you only see the circle of this electrode, the rest of nothing, it means he is no temperature control.


Like TripollarTripollar, BOXURY have a small knob in the middle, that is the temperature sensor, Tripollar RF instrument with 3Dmap temperature sensing temperature control, BOXURY RF instrument with intelligent contact temperature control, a little bit different.


Here to note is that Tripollar in the use of its lights above will remind you of the use of sub-regional, change an area if the temperature does not reach, his light will not light, the temperature of a reach and have to change an area, this time not to change more than the set safety temperature will alarm prompt, but will continue to heat until the hot can not bear, RF function will be closed, but in this process may have burned the skin.


So the whole process needs to be done to the mirror, in the use of the time must pay attention to listen to the alarm sound, hurry to move position or release. Many people said before with Tripollar radio frequency instrument burn is because of this.


BOXURY radio frequency beauty instrument, in the temperature control of this one detail is considered to be safe to do. It is based on the temperature control alarm, plus the automatic shutdown settings, if you do not notice the temperature control alarm, continue to use in the original position, the skin temperature rises to a critical value, the instrument will automatically shut down to prevent burns, the use of some more secure.


YAMAN words single look at the guide head is no temperature control, check a lot of information also said that there is no, but the flagship store above the ITC temperature control design, I checked this general for low-temperature control, so you can say that there is almost the same as not. And YAMAN would have been a constant temperature control at 37-42 degrees, the temperature he actually does not need to control the temperature. But this also has a benefit, when operating without the mirror, not easy to be burned.


Then temperature control security, BOXURY>YAMAN>Tripollar


The most important effectiveness and safety comparison of the selected RF beauty instrument is finished.


From these two comprehensive point of view, the new young muscle preferred YAMAN and BOXURY, mature muscle is not afraid of hot choose Tripollar.

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