How to choose how to wear skirts in autumn? Autumn skirt wearing skills, these three pieces of special temperament

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Soon to the autumn, the weather will gradually begin to turn cool, some people also began to change into autumn clothes, continue to prepare for their own look. And for the girls who love beauty, want to show their fairy full of side, then a variety of beautiful skirt is of course absolutely absolutely can not be missing ~ autumn dress skirt how to choose? Autumn skirt wearing skills, these three pieces of special temperament.


1,  knitted skirt


Knitted skirt has been one of the very popular skirts since autumn, and now it is common to see female celebrities wearing knitted skirts appearing on various occasions. May wear a knitted skirt will not give you that feeling of floating, not so fairy, but it does show temperament! Knitted dresses are generally loose style, wearing the body will bring a sense of lazy beauty Oh ~ even the slim style can not lose good temperament at the same time let the body become more concave and convex.


The style of knitted dresses are very similar, and the color we can choose a solid color, wearing the body can look elegant and gentle, fallen generous, throwing hands and feet are exuding good temperament. If you feel that solid colors are too monotonous and boring, or worry about wearing them on the body is easy to fat, fairies can also choose knitted skirts with printed ideas or other elements of decoration, so that the shape is more bright eye-catching.


skirt tips


2, shirt skirt


The shirt is also a must-have item for fall styling ah ~ I believe many fairies will like this skirt with me! The style of the shirt is very clever, like a skirt is not a skirt, like a shirt is not a shirt, with a bit of mix and match style, can look like the whole person elegant not to lose dry and sharp. In fact, there is a benefit to wearing a shirt skirt on the body, is that it can easily bring the effect of wearing a missing underwear, easily show beautiful legs ~


Although the style of the shirt dress is similar, but the design style is quite a lot, can always bring people a novel wear effect, so that the shape does not lose personality fashion. And shirt dresses are also very suitable for us to wear in many occasions, whether it is to go shopping or commute to work are no problem. Although the shirt dress will be a bit of a test of height, but short body fairies do not have to worry, as long as you choose a short shirt dress will not have to worry about exposing their height!


3. Sarees


As a little fairy, of course, to be full of fairy, then the sarong should be the most ideal choice! The thin material on the body of the thin skirt is easy to bring a light feeling, walking in the street breeze so that the skirt fluttering, but also full of spirituality. And the sarong is a little transparent, it looks like there will be a sense of hidden hazy beauty, adding a touch of cool and sexy.


Autumn dresses really fit well and do not look too monotonous. But it has to be said that the sarong is a very picky dress, because sarongs are generally what we wear in solid colors, and sometimes with prints; but no matter what kind of design, it is easy to make yourself look short or slightly fat. Here you can use some dressing techniques to make up for it, such as wearing a sarong with a short top, and then tie a belt to show the waist, which will not make people feel that they are short or slightly fat.


The above is the fall dressing skirt tips, now you know how to choose the fall dressing skirt? Of course, we girls wear skirts in order to make themselves look beautiful and good-looking temperament Oh ~ then these three skirts is really a good choice, quickly wear up!

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