How to do when your face is sensitive and red? The change of season sensitive skin care tips

wu meijie Date:2021-09-17 16:12:16
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Early autumn weather morning and evening temperature difference, in such a change of season period, how to get rid of facial sensitivity and redness, so that the fragile skin is no longer sensitive, become a topic of concern for all sensitive muscle. So, how to do with a sensitive and red face? We will share with you a few skin care tips for sensitive skin during the change of season, take a look.


1, reduce stimulation


For sensitive skin, the risk factor for the change of season is quite high. The transition from summer to autumn, the skin’s self-protection function slowly sharply reduced, high-risk warning began to sound, luxury pulse skin butler, the focus of skin care at this time is to maximize the affinity for skin to reduce stimulation, timely repair of skin allergies, while repairing the damaged epidermal barrier.


2, gentle care


Gentle care is the key to rescue the skin from sensitivity, luxury pulse skin butler’s experience is summarized as follows: first, to gently remove makeup. Of course, sensitive skin is best to try not to wear makeup. Gentle makeup removal products can minimize the irritation and damage to the skin from makeup. Secondly, clean your face. Choose the luxury pulse amino acid cleansing mousse, foam dense for sensitive skin is very friendly, will not appear allergic phenomenon.


Finally, hydrate and moisturize. Hydration is important no matter what time of year it is, but for sensitive skin that wants to get through the change of season, hydration to the skin must be replenished adequately. Applying Luxury Pulse skin nourishing water can reduce rough skin and keep it hydrated.




3, relaxing massage


Massage can accelerate blood circulation, smooth the muscle base, stimulate the skin’s self-repair potential and accelerate the healing of skin allergies.


Step 1: Decompression. Press the top of the eyebrows with the thumb tips for 3 seconds and then release, then massage the area between the eyebrows repeatedly from top to bottom.


Step 2: Remove tension. Press lightly on the temples with the index finger for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, gently press the inner corner of the eye area with your index finger.


Step 3: Promote microcirculation. Using both sides of the jaw as a starting point, using your index and middle fingers, gently massage across the cheeks to the temples to promote facial blood circulation.


Step 4: Enhance skin elasticity. Put your hands together and pat your face with your palms, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, so that your skin is slightly shaken and patted dozens of times to keep your skin rosy and glowing and strengthen your resistance.


The above are the skin care tips for sensitive skin during the change of season, have you learned? After reading the above skincare tips, for the face sensitive and red how to do is not a certain understanding of it? The seasonal period is not terrible, find the right method is the key, do not blindly skin care, you can use the luxury pulse custom skin care program, a more scientific and effective skin care bar.

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