How to improve large pores, repair large pores skin care tips

wu meijie Date:2021-09-17 17:47:10
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Women who do not take good care of their face, those with large pores have blackheads and other problems will follow. The following beauty and skin care network collation recommended how to improve large pores? Repair large pores skin care tips, I hope it will help you!


Technique one: ice towel shrinkage pores method


Before getting up or putting on makeup, use an iced towel on your face, and so the heat on your face slowly dissipates, it can play a role in tightening the pores, but also to prevent the skin from fine lines.


Tip 2: Lemon juice and tea tree essential oil spray


Mix five drops of tea tree essential oil and a spoonful of lemon juice to make a spray. Both formulas are perfect for skin care, and it works well to shrink pores and help cleanse them. Tea tree essential oil, on the other hand, cleanses oil and prevents excessive oil buildup. It also fights acne and helps to reduce inflammation and disinfection oh. However, sensitive skin should be used with caution.


 repair pores


Tip 3: Apply an astringent moisturizing mask


To make the pores tight, first of all, we should pay attention not to stay up late, in addition to not eat too spicy things, not to mention alcohol. In addition, drink more water to detoxify more, apply moisturizing mask to make the pores full, and the process of improving enlarged pores will become easier and faster.


Tip 4: Beer on the face to improve large pores


Beer can be used on the face, and cold beer on the face in summer is the most refreshing. Pour the beer on a cotton pad, and then put it on your face, and remove the cotton pad after all the water is steamed dry, this method of shrinking pores works quickly. Of course, beer contains alcohol in the composition, sensitive skin to be used with caution.

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