How to make your skin lighter? Whitening tips

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Is it true that from childhood you envy Snow White in fairy tales? White skin is the pursuit of many women, as the saying goes, “a white cover three ugly”, white skin is more likely to become the focus of attention. How to make your skin whiter? The beauty and skin care network to share some daily whitening tips, take a look.


The first thing you need to do is to choose a sunscreen with a reasonable sun protection factor.


1. weekdays to school, work, choose the sun protection factor SPF20 or less, there is a moisturizing or pore-refining effect of sunscreen, this is a good skin texture of the careful!


2. sports, physical education, outdoor activities, etc., choose SPF20 to 40, the texture of the choice of light-permeable, breathable gel or liquid sunscreen, even when sweating repeatedly reapplication will not feel uncomfortable!


whitening tips


3. swimming pools, the beach, choose SPF50 or more sun protection factor, be sure to choose a sunscreen with a waterproof effect, and every 2 hours repeated replenishment rub, in order to completely prevent tanning sunburn!


The second whitening tip: brace the sun umbrella, wear a hat.


To make your skin whiter, you need to prevent your skin from getting darker in the first place. The best choice for the umbrella is to isolate the best UV effect of the dark umbrella, or with anti-UV coating umbrella. For the brim of the larger cap models, sunscreen cap effect is best, no brim or hole models to try to avoid.


Whitening tips three: wear dark clothes have the best sun protection effect.


Long-sleeved shirts or small jackets used to shade the sun is best to choose dark colors, light-colored or white clothes of UV rays easily penetrate, sun protection effect is not good, wearing equal to white wear.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.


It’s not enough to rely on external sun protection, but you have to pick carefully from your daily diet to be white from head to toe! Choose the antioxidant power of the beauty of the skin vegetables, ultraviolet light will make the skin aging, skin tone is easy to dull, more intake of antioxidant power of vegetables, the skin is not easy to darken, more transparent sense.


Antioxidant vegetable characteristics:

1. dark, green broccoli, groundnut leaves, purple cabbage, eggplant;

2. astringent, spinach, mustard, green river vegetable;

3. bitter, bitter melon, lily, asparagus. Consume fruits rich in vitamin C: lemon, kiwi, strawberry, grapefruit, etc.


These are the skin care tips on how to make your skin whiter, have you learned them? Luxury pulse skin butler tips, although some people are born with white skin, but if not properly maintained later in life will also become “black princess” Oh! Therefore, only the maintenance of skin care products is not enough, but also pay attention to some of the above daily whitening tips. Just persevere, perfect protection will be able to have natural white skin.


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