How to match the trench coat in autumn ? ” Trench coat + skirt ” unique and show temperament

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Whenever to the change of season, there are always some hot single product appear, into the autumn, the jacket is more hot, and the jacket among the trench coat talk into a hand necessary, has been sitting in the autumn , by the fashionable essence of the favor, is a temperament and fashionable sense of coexistence of single product.


The first problem that needs to be solved is that many people will ask if small people can wear long trench coats in the end, in fact the most critical issue is the style and length chosen. When picking a trench coat, try to have a design with a belt, or with a slight waist, to highlight the waistline, or directly open to wear, through the inner wear and skirt or pants between the shape to show a tall body proportion, even if it is a small person, can also be more perfect to manage the long trench coat.


And on this aspect of the style, try to choose tight style, do not choose loose h version, wear it will look better, especially with the belt design, high and thin effect is very obvious, if the contour, for small people, there may be some hostility, because it will come with a sense of expansion, will be particularly fat, there is no strong ability to cover the meat, but in turn, let yourself become more bloated.


How should the trench coat be matched ?


A, trench coat + half skirt


1, the choice of semi-skirt


①  Pay attention to the length


There may be a lot of people think that the trench coat choose a long model, the length of the bust skirt will not pay attention to, must know that between the skirt is also required to have a sense of hierarchy, if in early autumn, the leg shape is better, wear a short skirt with a certain amount of skin exposure combined with the trench coat is still relatively handsome, and can directly break the autumn sluggish atmosphere. And about the long skirt, it is not recommended that girls choose more than the trench coat long skirt that will look a little sloppy, will lead to a certain visual error in the overall shape. In particular, many girls like to wear to the ankle, or even has been articulated with the length of the boots, this type is not attractive, it only looks like some dragging, unless it is a taller girl, choose the length of the trench coat is also articulated with Xuezi, so as to be able to show high and thin, there is a certain degree of temperament, short people are no way to manage.


How should the trench coat be matched?


②  Pay attention to the choice of color


After entering the autumn, most of the trench coat is based on khaki earth color system, but in the past two years more popular, light color system is still white, apricot color such as belonging to the basic color among the light color series, such colors in the time with the skirt, must not be too abrupt, so it will look like the skirt is somewhat prominent, the overall shape looks a little messy, so the choice of skirt should be consistent with the trench coat Even if it is a mix and match style, there should be a mutual reflection of the role.


2, trench coat + half-body skirt with


①  Trench coat + denim skirt


The evenness of denim is relatively stiff, combined with the trench coat together, the effect presented is still very young, and comes with a sense of vitality of choice, khaki classic trench coat with denim half-body skirt, the combination between the upper and lower elements, simple and sharp, the whole person looks youthful and energetic, a sense of style.


②  Checkered trench coat + leather skirt


If the body is better, you can also try this kind of leather skirt and checkered elements with each other, checkered retro red really have a fashionable taste, and black leather skirt combined together, the whole atmosphere is full, more suitable for women who like cool street style, the color may look more complicated, but with the body will be very stunning.


③  Trench coat + checkered half-body skirt


In the early autumn, the legs are very popular, so for girls, with the trench coat must try a short skirt, especially the vintage style of the short skirt. The short skirt with white sweater with checkered elements has a certain balance between the upper and lower, must pay attention to the small details, socks with the same color system as the skirt, there is a good articulation effect, the most classic khaki trench coat has an atmospheric style, the inner wear and trench coat are formed between a certain sense of hierarchy, handsome and dashing.


④  Trench coat + lace half-body skirt


The lace design half skirt is actually more suitable for mature women, about 30 years old can wear a rhyme belonging to the lace, looks not vulgar, the color chosen as light as possible, with the classic style of trench coat is not vulgar, but also has a certain sense of texture, the upper body is to choose the most simple basic style shirt, the upper and lower collocation is just right, the formation of the articulation. And this type of collocation, completely interpreted the elegant flavor belonging to the woman.


B, trench coat + dress


If you like long dresses, the length of the skirt can be appropriately longer than the trench coat, or with a short trench coat, the visual sense formed is not the same, short trench coat with skirt will be more playful.


①  Trench coat + floral skirt


The short trench coat in comparison, for short girls is also very friendly choice, solid color, not too much extra design. The overall look has an autumn atmosphere, but also has a sense of female playfulness, this side is the essence of a kind of collocation, very suitable for young, like to have a personality of women with, not overly hard, but also to show a wonderful.


②  White trench coat + print dress


The white trench coat is clean and sharp, with printed elements, retro and fashionable, in early autumn, there are light colors with it, will highlight the freshness of the individual temperament. Printed elements are very popular in all seasons. In early autumn, you can try a light-colored bottom, with white trench coat with the color will not be abrupt, and at the same time have waist-skimming design, but also be able to show a very good figure.


③ Short dress + trench coat


The short dress is a must-have item for hot girls, in daily life you can try a black and white leopard print dress, to be more good than the flower color to manage some, and in the selection of trench coat, in order to match the balance, classic not wrong, choose the earth curry trench coat is very good, will not be difficult to manage, but also show a personality unique, for the legs of the better-looking girls is a great advantage, the use of The combination of leopard elements and solid colors adds to the charm.


It’s not difficult to find an aspect of the trench coat to start directly, to make the overall look more decent, attractive, interpretation of the female senior.

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