How to skin care for dry skin? This is the most comprehensive “daily skin care” list for dry skin, we recommend collecting

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Compared to other skin types, dry skin daily care seems to be much easier. The dry skin type has fewer pore-like problems, the proper daily care, dryness, wrinkles, spots and other problems can be effectively prevented and solved, the skin condition is fine and smooth.


But dry skin is often closely associated with sensitive skin, many dry skin because of the season, the environment and other external factors, the skin in a short period of time into a dry sensitive skin state, the skin is not only easy to dry, peeling, but also prone to itching, acne, red spots and other problems.


Dry skin daily skin care how to do, the skin condition can be sustainable and stable? This is the most comprehensive list of “daily skin care” for dry skin.


Dry Skin Condition


Let’s take a look at what dry skin looks like under normal circumstances.


Dry skin has less oil on the skin surface, almost no obvious shine, skin shine is weak; skin pores feel delicate, rarely see acne, acne problems occur; skin stratum corneum is thin, facial skin texture is slightly clear, especially the cheeks of the face location blood vessels, red blood vessels are hidden, prone to dryness, dandruff problems.


Most dry skin is relatively fragile. After the skin is stimulated by external factors, such as seasonal changes, changes in the living environment, excessive cleaning of daily skin care, and stimulation of skin care products, the skin is prone to widespread redness of the cheeks, burning and tingling of the skin, dry and cracked epidermis, and spots on the skin surface.


Characteristics of dry skin


From the above general state of dry skin, we find that dry skin has the following two characteristics.


1. The skin stratum corneum is thin and the amount of skin oil is low.


The stratum corneum and the skin’s own secretion of oil is very important. The stratum corneum and oil are the main components that form the skin’s own barrier as a way to protect our skin from external stimuli.


With a thicker stratum corneum, it is relatively more capable of accepting external stimuli and the skin is more protective of itself. When we use efficacious skin care products, the skin tolerates more; it has a strong defense against UV radiation, blocking UV rays from penetrating deep into the skin and minimizing the appearance of skin photodamage problems.


The oil secreted by the skin is a natural protective film that covers the epidermis to nourish the skin, preventing dryness while locking in moisture to avoid loss.


Dry skin stratum corneum thin, oil content is less, the skin itself barrier function is weak, the protection ability is low, the skin is easy to appear sensitive problems.


2, the skin is easy to produce spots.


Dry skin has a thin stratum corneum and low resistance to ultraviolet radiation, which penetrates deep into the dermis of the skin and stimulates melanocyte activity, resulting in a large number of melanin production.


In addition, thin keratin, skin pigmentation problems are more obvious, spot problems are magnified.


dry skin


Dry Skin Skin Care Essentials


Dry skin is not very difficult to maintain a stable skin condition, the following four steps to do.


① Timely hydration


Dry skin is persistent, especially when the skin feels external stimuli, the first warning signal is the epidermis is tight and dry.


In daily life, always have hydration spray products, skin dry feeling, timely spray water to relieve.


Skin care must be done to replenish moisture and improve the softness of the stratum corneum, the stratum corneum is full of moisture, the skin will also become translucent and shiny. Skin care ingredients, such as urea, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, amino acids, etc. are classic hydration ingredients, containing plant extracts of pure dew products is also a good choice for dry skin.


Dry skin can be properly treated with wet compresses and masks. This is done 2-3 times a week to provide a continuous supply of moisture to the skin’s stratum corneum.


②Nurture the skin barrier


Dry skin has insufficient ability to form its own barrier, which requires us to build a solid barrier structure for the skin through artificial supplementation.


The prerequisite for maintaining the skin barrier is to avoid over-cleansing. For dry skin, the purpose of daily cleansing is not only to “cleanse” but also to preserve the fragile sebum film on the skin surface.


When choosing a cleanser, avoid alkaline surface activators, abrasive particles and acid-based cleansers. The main products are weak acidic amino acid, APG complex and low foaming cleansers.


For dry skin prone to skin irritation, intermittent use of skin care products with skin barrier repair function can be used for daily skin care. Replenish intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum to relieve and prevent skin irritation in time.


The basic skin care products are lotion, hydrating essence and lotion/cream products.


③ Locking and Moisturizing


It is important for dry skin to lock in the moisture and repair ingredients that are added to the skin. Dry skin is also dependent on lotions and creams to maintain the skin barrier.


Skin care ingredients such as squalane, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and shea butter are ideal for dry skin. In addition, the more closed petroleum jelly, mineral oil ingredients, can cover the surface of the skin, for the skin to repair itself to build a more secure and closed environment, dry skin can also be selected.


④ Pay attention to sun protection


Dry skin has a thin stratum corneum and is weak against UV light, so it is important to strengthen daily sun protection, and sun protection is also an effective means of preventing skin spots.


Dry skin can be defended by applying sunscreen and using protective products. When choosing a sunscreen product, be careful to identify if it contains alcohol.


In addition, high fragrance content, preservative ingredients, and strong stimulating ingredients are also not suitable for dry skin.


The current popular morning C night A, brush acid skin care, dry skin at the beginning of the trial, must use the highest degree of mildness of the composition, the lowest concentration of effective ingredients products.


Give your skin time to build up tolerance and continue with barrier repair care during this period. If your skin feels uncomfortable, stop your current skin care regimen in time for repair and stabilization.


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