Is it polite to wear the checkered shirt of a techie so well?

wu meijie Date:2021-09-15 16:26:21
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As we all know, programmers have three treasures: plaid shirts, rashers and shoulder bags. Is it wrong for them to keep these items for decades? Of course it is, but what is lost is the aesthetic taste and matching vision. Look at the girls’ rendition, the gender is switched, fashionable doubled.


Warm color models


Most technical geeks have a set of fixed dressing formula in their subconscious, no matter what color of plaid shirt they choose, they have to fasten the buttons, tuck the corners into the pants, and follow the rules.


It does not look like a big problem, but in fact can not raise interest. (PS: the face value is amazing for another story)


In fact, as long as the unbuttoned open as a jacket to wear, you can easily break this “fake serious”.


The color scheme of the plaid shirt is the key to deciding whether to wear a dress or not.


Generally red and black, green and black, yellow and black models are more classic and retro, but also full of college gas, want to be more youthful and lively, choose it! Choose it! Choose it!


Plaid shirt


Fitted cut plaid shirt can not enter the eyes of it girls, oversized boyfriend style version more chic.


The next body with shorts, “missing underwear” method tried and true.


A popular way to wear a plaid shirt in summer is to wear a hot short top or white T or tank top inside, cool and sharp.


Cool colors


The low saturation of the plaid shirt is more suitable for the salt girl, cool.


If you have a good figure, wear it with a full tie button with cycling pants for a fit look.


Dark plaid shirts are not as eye-catching as the brighter models, but they can complement the inner wear.


A plaid shirt is a piece of clothing and an accessory.


When hot, take it off and tie it casually around the waist to create a clear demarcation line between the upper body and lower body, increasing the sense of hierarchy, not only to cover the big buttocks and thick thighs, but also very casual sports model.


The general dark plaid shirt is more suitable for fair-skinned people to wear, the effect with a high light like.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.


The big plaid


The big plaid is very valiant and spontaneous, but also the most likely to create a disaster scene.


If the shirt is too close to the body shape will make the pattern distorted and change the shape, the shortcomings of the body shape is exposed.


The big plaid is not all difficult to wear, a little slanted plaid pattern is better to manage, also looks more youthful.


The large plaid pattern accounts for a large area, with a nostalgic flavor, there is a disadvantage is to wear bad too old and cheap.


Try to avoid complete sets of wear, or one day grandma must suspect that you stole her bed sheets to do clothes.


In order not to wear a large plaid shirt too banal, in front of the waist tied a button or stuffed corners can instantly enhance the chic degree.


Small plaid


If you don’t usually wear plaid shirts, you must choose a small pattern instead of a big one! Because how to match will not turn over.


The more dense the plaid is, the more understated and popular it is and not picky.


The color contrast is not strong small plaid shirt is more suitable for Asian people, cover the meat thin.


The design of the small plaid shirt is more retro literary model, with a wide leg jeans, loose and very casual.


Suddenly I found that the gray small plaid is very popular sister like, not only no old cadre wind dull sense, but also add a refreshing teenage gas.


The checkered shirt is like a shirt in the “five-pronged mooncake”, has been expelled by the black but “real material”.


It really is not at all earthy, if you have ever wrongly blamed, now please treat more kindly.

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