It’s not too late to buy! The best gift list for goddess lends you a copy

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Are you ready? Cover your wallet and your heart, and feel the “love” of each family.


Atelier Cologne

The limited Valentine’s Day gift box launched by Olon this year is named “Love – No Borders”, and the name actually comes from the inspiration of this design: the love wall located in Montmartre Heights, Paris.


As one of the most famous spots for couples in the world, the Wall of Love has been built for exactly 20 years. It consists of 511 dark blue rectangular tiles with the same phrase “I love you” written on them in 311 languages and handwriting.

This time, Olon also adopts a similar design, with the classic Venetian blue dotted with red hearts, the new Mars red leather case and the packaging also decorated with “I love you” in 311 languages, which looks like the wall of love. The passion, tenderness, sanity and endless words of love are reflected in the packaging.


Atelier Cologne


Inside are three bottles of the brand’s classic perfume: red haze orange light, cinnamon moonlight, and pounds of one of the most loved Euron perfumes, Wuji Oolong. Both boys and girls can use it, buy a gift box to provide two people with a share of happiness.


I especially like the copy of this Olon gift box: “By wrapping the wall representing separation with love, we are telling the world: love is powerful enough to cross everything.”


It is very suitable to be used in the present moment, no matter you can spend Valentine’s Day with your partner this year or not, no matter how long the epidemic will separate us again, as long as there is love, we can cross any obstacle. Such a heartfelt Valentine’s Day design is really warmed by Olon.



This Valentine’s Day, Breitling also brings its own couple’s watches, one is the Aviation Chronograph 1 Automatic Mechanical 38, which has no chronograph subdials, so it looks very simple, equipped with a steel case and silver dial steel model, with 18-karat red gold bezel and brown alligator leather strap.


It is suitable for guys who prefer small size watches, but of course if you are a girl who likes small size aviation chronographs, you can also hold it.


In addition to the models for men, there are also the Chronomat Automatic 36 and Chronomat 32 collections for women.


This new collection is inspired by the women who represent the SQUADONAMISSION, the type of women who stand out in their respective professions for their goals, their actions and their style, such as Yao Chen in “Warm Up for the Holidays”.


For example, the “dark horse” String in “Sisterhood of the Wave 2”, who wowed the audience at the first stage.


The new watch is both sporty and elegant, with a modern retro feel, and this “wild watch blog” thinks it’s still a good match, whether it’s a business meeting or a vacation beach, and any place like these two scenes can be worn.



Valentine’s Day is such an important holiday, how can the major jewelry brands miss it?


Bulgari launched the Valentine’s Day Beloved Selection series, which includes a series of classic products such as jewelry, watches, bags, etc.. Some of them are also limited to the New Year, such as this B.zero1 series necklace, inspired by the Colosseum in Rome, 18K rose gold with rubies, very suitable for this time as a gift to others.


If you think there are too many items to choose from, we recommend picking the Serpenti Forever Valentine’s Day limited edition bag, made of glossy lacquer pearlescent effect magenta spinel purple calfskin, with gold-plated brass accessories, chic and powerful aura.


Especially this purple snake head buckle, although it looks a bit like Spider-Man, but the real thing is really the Queen to drive.

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