Learn these makeup techniques and take your beauty to new heights!

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Tip 1: How to make a solid foundation?


Spray about 4 pumps of setting makeup spray on your hand, squeeze out proper amount of foundation and mix with the setting makeup spray, stir and stir with beauty eggs, stir and apply directly on your face; After the full makeup is finished, spray it again. After a little dry, apply another layer of loose powder. Finally, spray it again! This way, no matter what kind of foundation you apply, it will be super durable! Can be said to be a summer must-have magic!


Tip 2: How to avoid floss on a foundation?


When applying makeup on the bottom, press the egg for 5-6 minutes, then wrap the egg with a thin layer of paper towel, pat the face gently to absorb the remaining powder, and finally dip the egg into the loose powder and press it continuously to fix the makeup.


Tip 3: How to avoid fly legs when brushing eyelashes?


Many beauty bloggers (such as Ponies) can teach you how to brush your eyelashes in a zigzag way, but for those of you with poor lashes, it can cause clumps and fly legs! It is recommended that you gently and quickly pull up from the root, not too hard, and do not cross back and forth brush! Also, if you want to create naturally long eyelashes, be sure to use a paper towel to remove excess mascara before brushing!


Tip 4: How to curl your eyelashes all day?


First curl eyelashes 30-60 seconds (the time is too short); Then apply a thin layer of waterproof mascara and let dry (this should take a few minutes). Curl your eyelashes again for 30-60 seconds and then apply your favorite mascara


Tip 5: How to Avoid nose make-up?


Nose tip and nose wing are one of the most easy places to take off makeup on the face. In the skin care steps before makeup, avoid around the nose when applying moisturizer, put a layer of makeup lotion on the nose, and then set with loose powder. Then give the nose a layer of eye primer, continue to use loose powder set once; Finally normal on the whole face bottom makeup, nose place must use loose powder fixed makeup.


However, this method is only suitable for some special occasions with high requirements for makeup, and can not be used often, because the burden on the nose is too big. So you should not follow this step every day to put on makeup oh!


Tip 6: How to create a clear and invisible look


A lot of people want to use highlights and contouring to modify the face, but worry that the makeup is too heavy for daily use. Apply light concealer (for brightening) and dark concealer (for trimming) to the right spot on your face before applying foundation. Then use a beauty egg or brush to dip in a small amount of foundation to press the face, all the colors on the face dizzy dye together. This puts the contouring step ahead of the foundation, avoiding the heavy powder and the bling Bling highlight, but it gives the face a more solid look with less makeup.


Tip 7: How to use eye foundation correctly?


Eye primer is a product recommended by many beauty bloggers, but not well used by many ordinary people. Some people on the bottom of the makeup and then on the eye base, the results of the eyelid immediately rub mud; Still have a few people feel, the eye shadow after using eye to make a base is more bad instead dizzy dye. This is all because of the wrong eye base order.


The correct order of making a base should be: after the end of the step of skin care, the base product of the eye on the plain eye, and then the liquid (or paste) products such as foundation liquid/concealer normally, do not avoid the eyelid, with powder for eye fixation, and then on eye shadow.


makeup techniques


Tip 8: Perfect concealer for now!


Draw a hollow triangle under the eye: then smear it with a brush, first around the nose, then under the eye, patiently smear it evenly. This is a bit tedious, because the process will be longer, but the result will be very good. The face will become more visually constricted. If the concealer to the eye end of the oblique above the halo, can also lift sagging eyes, for follow-up eye makeup to lay a good foundation.


Tip 9:How to make concealer last longer?


Contemporary stay up late youth every make up, cannot leave this step that covers black eye circle. After applying makeup for a long time, once the concealer under the eye shifts or takes off the makeup, the black circles under the eyes will come out, and the whole face will become dirty in a second.


How to make under-eye concealer last longer: After applying foundation, cover concealer under your eyes, using a powder puff or sponge to press the concealer into your skin. Bake under the eye with loose powder (not too much loose powder) and remove the remaining powder after a short time.


Tip 10: How to avoid highlights


Highlights make your face bling, but they also highlight the texture of your skin, making facial blemishes more visible. Many people can not give up the beauty of the highlight, but also troubled by the problem of the highlight card. Teach you a little skill: that is to use liquid highlight mixed with a small amount of liquid foundation for local brightness, so as to retain the luster of the highlight, but also reduce the highlight of facial flaws, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone ~


Tip 11: Nose highlights? No need, no need!


Nose highlights are really beautiful, but only suit nose itself condition is good and the person with small nose! For people with larger noses and wider wings, nose highlights can be a visual disaster, drawing attention from up to three metres away… But makeup is for their own happiness, even if it is not suitable, you feel good ~


Tip 12: How to narrow your nose without trimming


If you look like you have a very wide nose, make sure you get this super simple solution – shorten the eyebrow spacing! If the nose is really wide (note the nose, not the wings of the nose), draw the brows as close to the center as possible, but don’t draw them too close, and make sure to keep the width of one finger (middle or ring) between them. This will make the nose look narrower on camera


Tip 13: Where is the right place to bake?


Baking, “Baking,” is a popular cosmetic technique in recent years. It involves dipping an egg in a large amount of powder and spreading it on the face for 5-10 minutes before using a brush to remove the powder. Then you will notice that these positions become very smooth and delicate, and more makeup.


A lot of beauty bloggers advocate baking with a lot of loose powder in the middle for a long time, but I’m not so sure about this. I think the overbaking in the underside of the dough can be very easy to create powder. The most suitable baking position is: inner corner of the eye (brightening), nose (preventing makeup), outer corner of the eye (lifting the outer contour of the face), lip Angle (drawing the outline of the lips), under the cheekbones (with the repair to increase the three-dimensional sense of the face), above the brow bone (lifting the face). We can make appropriate reference according to our own facial features


Also, be sure to set your makeup before baking! Otherwise, when you sweep the powder, you are likely to sweep the foundation and concealer together…


Tip 14:How to create a pure look in the simplest way?


The secret to pure makeup? Use blush on your hairline!


The simplest pure makeup look: a good base (it is best to light and light money, avoid false sense); Sweep the blush in the middle of the face in a wide range, and remember to bring the nose! Continue to brush the blush along the hairline, along the chin and earlobes; Eyebrow eye is simple draw, eye shadow is invisible as far as possible, brush the eyelash with long and natural nature, besmear a light natural lipstick again, over thing!

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