Little white people look over – basic makeup steps for beginners

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Makeup is a happy and magical thing. People like to see the comparison before and after makeup because makeup has the effect of turning decadent into magic. Learn to make up, climb the peak of life, win rich handsome is not impossible. Why is that? Women who understand makeup, generally will take care of skin, skin care is done well, show others that you have a face of good skin, you will get praise and praise to increase self-confidence. So do a good job of skin care and makeup need to have the corresponding capital investment, that will prompt you to work hard to earn money, indirectly improve self ability.


Inner cultivation, external also improved, so the girl who will make up luck will not be bad. Start learning!


Basic makeup steps:


1,Toner and lotion


Effects: (moisturizing skin care)


2,Segregation frost


Function: She is the first step of foundation makeup. It doesn’t matter what season it is. Isolation frost can isolate ultraviolet radiation not only and rise to prevent bask in the effect, still can isolate the dust bilge in air, have the effect that protects skin. Segregation frost still has repair yan to adjust skin color, slant yellow skin uses lilac, slant red choose light green. To balance the color difference, brighten the skin tone and hide skin defects.


3,Foundation (BB cream or liquid foundation)


Function: The most suitable daily makeup is to choose BB cream. It is used after quarantine. Choose a color similar to your skin tone for a more natural look. For example, choose natural color for yellowish skin, and ivory white for white skin. This can be applied directly by hand or evenly spread over the face with a powder puff


4,Setting powder (honey powder)


makeup steps


Role: It and BB cream is a golden partner, it is more suitable for carrying, makeup is convenient. When choosing fix makeup powder, you can besmear to see on the wrist whether powder is exquisite whether stick a suit, ask the fragrance powder taste that has overweight next, choose a set makeup powder that gets close to his skin color at the same time, make your skin color natural more healthy.


5,His eyebrows


Action: the color of eyebrow pencil should choose with oneself eyebrow color closest, Oriental is brown, brown or gray normally. When the light as far as possible, from the brow to the brow in turn, the brow is best a brush, from the bottom to the top, from inside to outside, the brow should be a brush, to avoid modification. Thrush is the most important experience, more natural familiar


6,Eye shadow


Function: the first step of eye makeup, eye shadow is the shadow of the eye, it is to choose the eye shadow with similar color of clothes of collocation with oneself normally, collocation needs makeup type. Daily life makeup professional makeup can choose the earth color of the pearl eye shadow, can brighten the brightness of the eyes, let the eyes look more deep and three-dimensional. Same colour with different deep, shallow colour, from eyelid lower part to upper part, from deep to shallow gradual painting, can shape the effect with abstruse vision. The eyes appear to be larger by at least one third, and they are bright and bright.


7: Eyeliner


Role: want eyes big and round and good-looking, little is to change the eyeliner, the eyeliner of the east east there are many kinds of, such as eyeliner, eyeliner cream, liquid eyeliner, liquid eyeliner pen. Liquid eyeliner, it is the most suitable for all types of makeup, but also the most suitable for beginners to use, draw lines clear and smooth, do not faint makeup, makeup is more natural




Function: Before brushing the eyelashes, use the eyelash curler to clamp the eyelashes and then brush. The eyelashes should be clamped 3 times (do not clamp the eyelashes to the eyelid) : clamp the root of the first time; The middle part of the second clip is gently bent upward; Clip the tail end the third time. Is the so-called eye is the window of the soul, that eyelash is the curtain, brush mascara can make eyelashes become long and thick, let the eyes look big and have spirit, no longer need to worry about the eyes small, no god, smile will narrow into a line.


9,Cheek is red


Function: light red in the cheeks, permeated with youth and health. To add vitality to the skin, can modify the face shape, make the whole face look natural, full of three-dimensional sense, but also can hide the skin small flaws, white and red to add good color. Choose the cheek that suits color department is red, smile to the mirror, the place of cheekbone is cheek is red the place that can hit on. When used, the amount of blush should be small and light; Brush several times until the effect is perfect.




Function: where do not want to repair where. A nose profile and a facial contouring are usually required. A chin contouring, on the one hand, will visually reduce the shape of your face and on the other hand will make your features more solid. This step is an advanced step, beginners can ignore.


11,Lip gloss


Function: make up indispensable is lip ministry, because lip ministry is the place that emphasizes beauty most in face and lip ministry product has a lot of, include lip gloss, lipstick, lipstick, dye lip fluid to wait. Lipstick is often used, and it is also easy to carry and apply. Lipstick can make the whole makeup look more vivid and bright, is the finishing touch in makeup. Color can be chosen according to clothing color, makeup type.


After memorizing the steps above, you need to practice each step. When you practice any steps, then you are not far away from the master makeup.

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