Makeup Organizers for All Your Best Beauty Splurges

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Whether you’ve been experimenting with new skincare or you bought approximately 15 shades of your favorite lipstick at Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale, beauty collections can get out of hand, fast. Rather than throwing it all in a bag and hoping for the best, a good makeup organizer can help you find a home for it all—and actually still see it to use it.


Making sure all of your products have a proper place can alleviate the frequency of having to hunt down those missing lip glosses, blushes or eyeliners. It will make it clear when you have some empties to replace. There are some makeup organizers that are better for the task than others, however, and we’ve done a deep dive into the most high-quality picks.


Acrylic organizers tend to be the most popular because they are see-through and easy to wipe down for cleaning. But there are other wooden and plastic models that are just durable that will match a different organizational aesthetic. As such, the best material for a makeup organizer will largely depend on your personal preferences.


There are a few features a top-notch pick should share, though. A good makeup organizer will have a variety of storage options, from drawers to slots, making it easy to stash away brushes, foundation and more. It should also fit your allotted space, whether that’s a small patch of real estate on your bathroom counter or a spacious vanity countertop. Last but not least, it should be strong enough to survive a bump from your blowdryer or even a tumble to the floor.


Best overall makeup organizer



Tons of drawers
Multiple color options
Aesthetically pleasing



Doesn’t hold extra-large palettes


This acrylic makeup organizer is a winner because it holds a ton without taking up too much space on your countertop thanks to its tall silhouette. In fact, with three or four large drawers, two or four small-sized drawers and 16 slot compartments on top that are ideal for sticks and brushes, it will pretty much fit your entire cosmetic arsenal. It’s made of durable, acrylic plastic, so you can see everything inside, and it comes in nine different colors to best fit your style. Our one qualm is that for all its room, the large drawers still aren’t big enough to fit oversized eyeshadow palettes.


makeup organizer


Best wood makeup organizer



Doesn’t take up much space
Durable wood design



Not that large


Even if you don’t have a ton of counter space, you can still find a makeup organizer that will work for you. This simple wooden one has a two-tier hinge design that expands to hold even more stuff. It opens up to reveal its largest compartment, which is ideal for storing palettes and foundation. Because of its Acacia material, it’s quite sturdy, too.


Best rotating makeup organizer



Rotates 360 degrees
Adjustable shelves



Doesn’t hold large palettes
Doesn’t come assembled


Editorial Assistant Chelsea Candelario is obsessed with this The Tranquil Abode makeup organizer. Its open, rotating design completely upgraded her beauty and skincare organizational game by making it easier to find up to 30 of her favorite products at a glance. It also has adjustable shelves that she was able to customize to best suit her needs.


Most stylish makeup organizer



Stylish gold frame
Easy to clean



Doesn’t hold as much as others
Can break if dropped


Featuring a fashionable gold frame and glass material, this makeup organizer from H&M makes for a stylish way to keep your favorite lipsticks, applicators and nail polish in one convenient place. While it’s not as large as other makeup organizers on this list, it still makes for a good spot to keep your go-to supplies or your nighttime skincare routine in its two large front compartments and three smaller back ones.


Best cheap makeup organizer



16 compartments and four drawers
Easy to clean



On the smaller side


This mini storage unit may be simple but it gets the job done for a reasonable price. You can also split it up, since the 16 compartment slots at the top can be removed from the four bottom drawers. Aside from makeup, you can use this stylish organizer to house jewelry or other beauty-related items, such as nail files or hair clips. The acrylic is also super easy to wipe clean with a paper towel for when those powder foundation spills inevitably happen.

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