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Jewelry has always had the role of the finishing touch, often an otherwise ordinary outfit, wearing an extraordinary piece of jewelry, will be able to brighten up the overall look. The classic style of jewelry will not have the worry of obsolescence than fashion and other items that are easily receding in popularity, and it is not like bags and other leather products that are delicate and easy to wear and break, so it can be said that the cost is great. This issue mainly introduces the major brands entry-level bracelets, bracelets.



HERMES Clic H enamel bracelet, can be said to be the most popular single product in addition to the bag counter, often a hard to find, is also a good partner with goods. Suitable for wearing alone can also be mixed with other jewelry, recognition of the word H is very high, simple and sharp style super versatile, in addition to solid color, but also launched a variety of flower color series.


Clic H enamel bracelet


2,Kelly bracelet

The classic Touret clasp has become an iconic element of Hermès since the popularity of the Kelly bag since the 1930s. This Kelly bracelet uses the same clasp as the Kelly bag. The collection includes the Mini Kelly Bangle, Kelly Double Loop Bangle and Kelly Dog Bangle.



LOVE Collection

Cartier’s super classic collection! Launched in 1970, the LOVE collection has been a hit since then. The need for a screwdriver to turn the lock and the lack of a way to take the bracelet on and off has become the most attractive feature of this bracelet.

Timeless jewelry, collectible bracelets and bracelets

When it comes to the must-have bracelets of Cartier jewelry, Juste un Clou is a classic piece that many people have fallen in love with at first sight, and the studded bracelet is one of the most celebrity-owned jewelry pieces.


4,Panthère de Cartier Collection

The most iconic piece of Cartier is, of course, the panther! In the past, jaguars were mostly found in fine jewelry, but recently Cartier has started to put this element into its entry-level jewelry collection, making it more affordable and easier to wear on the go.

Van Cleef & Arpels’ classic symbol of the four-leaf clover, derived from the pattern of the wall tiles of the Alhambra Palace in Spain, the Alhambra collection is a symbol of good fortune and belongs to the La Boutique collection in Paris, which is more accessible and easy to wear on a daily basis than its high jewelry collection. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco loved the Van Cleef & Arpels four-leaf clover collection and wore it regularly to many official and private social events. For hand jewelry, the Van Cleef & Arpels Clover collection includes bracelets, watches, rings and more in a variety of materials and colors.



Chanel family will launch new jewelry almost every season, has been the most popular items in addition to bags, jackets, this issue mainly introduces chanel fall-winter 2020 show jewelry, mainly colored stones, supplemented by chains, pearls.



T word Wire bracelet

The T-Wire bracelet is filled with the iconic T letter, set with luxurious and sparkling diamonds, rich in layers and delicate lines.

Tiffany Heart Collection

Tiffany uses the classic heart-shaped tag to perfection with this mini heart bracelet, a delicate, small, mix-and-match bracelet that anyone can easily master!


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