New parents copy homework! The practical utilization rate of super high mother and baby supplies, piece by piece are used

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Mother and baby products


Mom’s version:

Mom’s clothing

Mom’s clothing is mainly loose, including maternity clothes, nursing bras, underwear, pajamas, shoes, etc. Long dresses are convenient and loose, so as long as you are comfortable wearing them, shoes can be flat. The more attention is paid to the bra, due to the influence of hormones, the chest will become larger than usual, exaggerated a little will be larger than 2 cups. Buy underwear to pay attention to the support, elasticity and soft breathability, do not let the chest too strangulation comfortable.


Sensor light

Late pregnancy can actually buy, every day to go to the toilet, postpartum breastfeeding and so on, without turning on the light, not only convenient, and the light is generally warm light, more care of the mother and baby’s eyes.


Breast pump

I think the frequency of use is quite high, open milk, milk, back milk, etc. will need to, especially some mothers more milk, if not suck, easy to cause mastitis, etc., that pain I never want to experience, the birth of a baby is not blocked milk terrible.
The price of the breast pump varies, there are manual and electric, electric and single-sided and bilateral, according to the personal situation to choose.


Nipple Repair Cream

The actual fact that the baby is small, the strength of the milk is really not a cover, a minute bite bleeding blisters, tolerate the pain is impossible, broken can only wipe something else to stop the pain.


The doctor taught 2 methods

① nipple cream: many nipple cream pain relief and repair power are quite good, pain when coated with a very instant comfortable ~ ② a soft g: sucking the soft g: sucking the pain and repair power are quite good.

②Something soft g: you can apply it after sucking to avoid infection and wash it off when you suck your milk next time

I used the repair cream Lansinoh, except for the skin feel a little greasy, but the repair is quite good.


Mother and baby supplies


Baby version:


This kind of consumables as long as there are activities can take advantage of the opportunity to hoard a little more.


You don’t need to be very expensive, but you also need to be moderate and try to be comfortable for your baby. I recommend the angel series of Da Wang, my two babies are using the angel, ready to continue this three children.


If you want to be a little more cost-effective, I prefer Eunika in the same cost-effective, the sense of use is the most comfortable, more soft, the key to more pocket urine.


Tissue paper

Soft tissue is also a consumable, to wash the baby’s face and buttocks what to use, take advantage of activities to hoard more cost-effective, recommended cotton times.


Pigeon bottle

My family is breast-feeding mixed formula, bottles used countless, plus I have a bottle fetish, hoarded a lot, but use down feel Pigeon mass and good to use.

The glass material is the best, the material is safer and better to clean, the baby’s acceptance is also relatively high. The only drawback is that the baby is a little older easy to fall, the rest can be ~

My two children are Pigeon, before using the Dr. Brown pacifier is very hard, Pigeon’s pacifier is very soft ~


extracurricular knowledge

There are four main types of bottle materials: plastic, silicone, stainless steel and glass bottles, each with different characteristics, you can refer to.


Powdered milk

The actual fact is that you should prepare in advance, especially for mothers who do not intend to breastfeed, as to what to use, depending on your personal situation.

If you want to replace the milk powder, you need to have a transition period, and different milk powder cannot be mixed.


Baby clothes

Baby’s clothes is not recommended to buy a lot at once, the baby grows quickly, each stage to see the situation less buy.

Just born baby recommended one-piece oblique button monk clothes or butterfly clothes, not choking cotton more comfortable

The choice varies from month to month, with common ones such as: butterfly clothes, fart clothes, monk clothes and onesies.


Baby Laundry Detergent

The actual fact is that you can find a mild baby laundry detergent, not too fragrant, but also pay attention to the ability to remove dirt.


Sterilization cabinet

Babies are not recommended to live in a completely sterile environment, but like bottles pacifiers need to be disinfected and used again, especially in the last two years the epidemic is more serious, more attention should be paid to buy at least 2-3 years.


The above are the mother and baby supplies that I personally feel are highly utilized and practical, and I hope to help new parents in need ~


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