On a sunny day, rubber boots are real red!

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Rain boots are now in the fashion world and not a drop of rain is innocent. But the explosion of “rubber boots” is not half related to the weather. Its shape is like an enlarged version of children’s boots, wide, high and thick solid boot shape is not difficult to remind people of the cartoon “Peppermint”, the Peppermint family jumping mud puddles of the picture. Put on the rubber boots, the joy is so simple!


Short tube


From the runway to the street, the highly sought-after rubber boots are not really rain boots, but only similar in material and appearance.


The essence of it lies in the large head + thick sole, short to above the ankle style is explosive. Styles like those made of 100% biodegradable rubber are even harder to find because they are more environmentally friendly.


Black, white and gray rubber boots are common, with some brighter colors that are a little more youthful.


Pink rubber boots wear a sense of fairy tale within the taste, cool girls can be conquered by it.


Lemon yellow is also very good, with the same color pants, and the upper body for color collision with, not at all inconsistent.


Compared to tall boots, short boots are more breathable and lighter, more suitable for everyday wear.


But sweaty feet girl careful to choose, September temperature really covered feet, wear a day directly to fish.


Short tube




Almost all short boots are made of natural rubber, while some of the mid-cylinder and tall styles are made of a mix of rubber and other materials.


For example, some styles have rubber soles, but the upper is matte leather. For people who can’t accept all rubber, this is a little more fashionable and versatile.


Black and white rubber boots as a basic model, it is easy to wear a sense of seniority.


This year also popular some macaron color system, such as taro purple, baby blue, lemon green and so on, with a big head thick sole of the naive force is quite cute.


The trend of green in the summer is getting hotter and hotter, when it climbs to the rubber boots is more presence full, how to match can not go wrong, the sense of fashion is too strong!


Feel darker colors are more suitable for autumn and winter with, like black, light gray, comes with a cool valiant fashion gene.


With the workwear Look, big sister out on the street did not run.


I believe that celebrity bloggers have subjective judgment, and not brainlessly follow the trend.


They wear to work, shopping wear, to the airport also wear, if not comfortable, steady on the bottom of the foot, who will not get along with themselves?




Because of the material, rubber boots warm performance in general, although the temperature now, occasionally can still show back to the legs, and then a few days is not necessarily.


Tall boots are less skin-revealing than short and mid-calf, usually below the knee height, and more inclusive of leg shape.


The thick-legged girls remember to choose a wide style of boots, not only can easily stuff the legs, and a little colder can add bottoms or tights inside, the cold index is stable.


Glossy models wear more than inevitably feel ordinary, you can try some detail models, such as in the upper decorated with 3D technology printed petals, if you are not dense fear, it is really special, the rate of return is very high!


Do not be confused by its heavy appearance, many shoes are made ergonomic design, and with a comfortable and removable insole, walking and no sense of weight.

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