Say goodbye to the car “dizzy fragrance”! This essential oil car aromatherapy, is a good smell “Nesher flavor”

wu meijie Date:2021-09-06 11:58:34
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Whether sitting or driving, very afraid to smell the car difficult to dissipate the odor.


Every time you open the car door, smell the food aftertaste, air conditioning and foot mats odor, and even second-hand smoke smell mixed together, really want to vomit. Open the window to breathe? High temperature + outside car exhaust will be poured into the car, simply a dilemma. There are many car fragrances on the market, if you buy poor quality car fragrance, a smell will be dizzy, stay in the car for one more second is suffering. It is said that car products can reflect the taste of the owner, car fragrance is also the case.


A good car fragrance, not only can make the air in the car smells good, but also allows people in the car to feel the aesthetic taste of the owner.And this peach vapor planet series car fragrance, you can have both visual and olfactory double happiness! To “planet elements” as the design of the car fragrance, like a planet into the car, mysterious and radiant.


essential oil car fragrance


Everyone has an infinite reverie for the stars, the mysterious and romantic planet is full of wonderful attraction.When the combination of planet elements and car fragrance, not only romantic but also practical, instantly make the tone of the car full of cosmic dream.What you like is that when you turn on the air conditioning, the “planet halo” of the fragrance will also turn to disperse the fragrance.


Halo in addition to the rotation around the planet, will glow is of course the privilege of the planet.Planet halo is also designed with light-absorbing and energy-storing fluorescent particles, when the planet fragrance by natural light, fluorescent lights and other irradiation, you can store the light.


After stopping the light exposure, then slowly released in a fluorescent way, so at night or in the dark, you can see the planet fragrance glow.


For people who smell a lot of perfume and fragrance products, the good and bad fragrances are really easy to tell. Some poor quality fragrances make people smell dizzy, it is better not to use. In the choice of fragrances, Peach car car fragrance and 250 years of history of Chivaton cooperation. In order to ensure that the car fragrance smell fresh and natural, peach vapor selection of plant fragrance, the formula is safe, no additional additions. After opening, the scent emits a good smell not bad street, not rushing nose, not puff, the taste is really fresh ~

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