SHISEIDO Vital Perfection “Anti-sugar 3 times” is coming again

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In August 2021, SHISEIDO Vital Perfection “Anti-sugar 3 times” is coming back. The series takes SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Whitening Cream (aka: Vital Perfection) as the “C” position and integrates the new Vital Perfection Whitening Serum (aka: Vital Perfection Anti-Glycemic Serum) and Vital Perfection Anti-Wrinkle Cream (aka: Vital Perfection Small Syringe).


It is equipped with the anti-aging complex VP8, which helps consumers block AGEs* (glycation end-products) at the source with its soul anti-aging ingredient glycoside**, making the skin firm and elastic, and achieving a brighter face.


Anti-aging research, anti-sugar linkage


According to research, Asians are more prone to glycation crisis due to their living environment, native bone structure and high oil and sugar diet, resulting in dull, sagging skin and other aging problems. From 1976 to 2019, Shiseido has been working on anti-aging research for Asian skin for more than 40 years, and is committed to providing anti-aging solutions for Asian women. It has also won 28 awards from the International Federation of Cosmetic Technologists IFSCC, overwhelmingly topping the list of awards worldwide and helping many consumers to look younger.


In order to address the problem of glycation in Asian skin, Shiseido has proposed the skincare concept of “anti-aging skin first anti-sugar”, which is to protect the skin from internal and external glycation and oxidation, while improving the aging problem with a variety of effective complex phytochemical ingredients, carrying its glycoside-blocking glycosides**, which attack the root cause of glycation, effectively blocking, repairing and inhibiting glycation, sniping AGEs *, repairing collagen and elastin, resisting yellowing and deterioration of collagen, and promoting collagen renewal to achieve yellowing-free, elastic and bright skin.


Glycoside-Blocker: Targets the root cause of glycation


SHISEIDO has relaunched this year the “Anti-Glycoprotein 3”, which combines the lifting power of Vital Perfection, the firming power of Anti-Glycoprotein, and the smoothing and brightening power of the syringe.




It creates a 3-fold anti-sugar chain that prevents from the source, inhibits from the depth, and repairs from the bottom, helping to tighten and shape the three-dimensional face, achieve a perfect side face, and brighten the super A Asian eyes. According to experimental data, at the 4th week of using Vital Perfection and Yue Wei Essence together, the skin collagen content increased by 6.66% compared to before use; after 4 weeks of stacked use, the collagen improvement doubled compared to using the cream alone.


No yellowing, no sagging, firm, elastic and bright


As the star product of SHISEIDO brand, Vital Perfection has demonstrated its anti-sugar strength since its launch in 2020 due to its cutting-edge technology and the power of its refined plant extracts. Vital Perfection uses ReNeura Technolony++™ technology to enhance the skin’s sensing power to quickly and accurately sense multiple aging problems inside and outside the skin, helping to deliver highly effective ingredients to the skin precisely.


SHISEIDO Vital Perfection “Anti-Glycation Cream”.66% Face Cream


In addition, Vital Perfection also contains a variety of effective anti-aging ingredients. Shiseido’s years of research and development have resulted in the creation of the most effective anti-aging ingredient, VP8 Complex, which contains a variety of effective botanical ingredients to effectively delay the skin’s protein aging and collagen fiber hardening and breaking, thereby improving the dull and sagging skin aging problems; among them, the soul anti-aging ingredient glycosides** is effective in inhibiting the skin’s AGEs* generated by the reaction of unconsumed sugar and proteins, to counteract the effects of glycation at the source Vital Perfection is a powerful anti-aging ingredient which inhibits AGEs* produced by the unconsumed sugar and protein reactions, and prevents the effects of glycation at the source, while repairing collagen and elastin to slow down the glycation process. At the same time, Vital Perfection is enhanced with saffron extract, which effectively helps to promote collagen energy in the skin, making the skin firm, fine and bright again. According to experimental data, after four weeks of using Shiseido Vital Perfection, the apple muscle shifted up by 0.8 mm, the jawline edge rose by 1.6°, the contour clarity improved by +10.2%, and the radiance increased by +7%.


SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream


Improves dullness, sagging and other skin aging problems, making the skin firm and bright. A cream with a light, silky texture that spreads and absorbs quickly.


SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Liftdefine Radiance Serum


Restores collagen and elastic fibers to protect against collagen aging. Promotes collagen renewal, firming and plumping the face.


SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Intensive Wrinklespot Treatment


Vacuum A-alcohol, pinch for eyes. Smoothes eye wrinkles, pulls the eye area, and brightens the eye area, restoring the eyes with one shot.


SHISEIDO “Vital Perfection 3 times” gathered specialized research energy, can be multi-faceted against skin aging problems, can respond to the various anti-aging needs of different skin, play their own skin resurfacing energy, to achieve the skin anti-sugar choice, reduce the consumer “sweet” burden, to give a plump and full of young light. In the future, SHISEIDO will continue to deepen its anti-aging research and give consumers more new anti-sugar experience to help them achieve worry-free anti-aging.


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