Skin care tips : Skin rejuvenation daily lifestyle considerations!

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Skin care tips : 


1. Improve the lack of sleep

It is often said that lack of sleep is the biggest enemy of beautiful skin! The reason is that growth hormone is secreted during sleep and damaged cells are repaired during the day. It is best to get a good night’s sleep at a regular time every day.


However, this does not mean that the longer you sleep, the better. The secretion of growth hormone is most active during the “just-asleep” period, shortly after falling asleep. The key is to get a good deep sleep during this time.


Active brain activity before bedtime makes it difficult to fall asleep deeply, so avoid using your computer or smartphone. Cheese Girl recommends dimming the lights before bed, doing some light stretching exercises, using aromatherapy, and listening to some calming music.


Skin care tips


2. Prevent poor blood circulation

Poor blood circulation caused by cold, lack of exercise and lack of sleep makes it difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach the basal cells of the skin. This can lead to disrupted skin renewal. It is best to take a warm bath to warm up your body and do some light exercise, such as walking.


For those who cannot take the time to shower or exercise, a simple hand massage is recommended. Warming the body’s hands and feet will improve blood circulation throughout the body. This can be done while applying hand cream.


Hand massage

1. Apply the hand cream on your hands and rub the back of your hands in a circular motion.


2. Squeeze the sides of the fingertips with your thumb and index finger. Rub towards the roots of the fingers, then rub up and down the fingers, then back to the fingertips. Repeat three times and do the same for the other fingers.


3. Pinch the fingertips up and down. Rub the fingertips in a spiral pattern and repeat three times.


4. Massage in circular motions with your palms.


5. Stretch your entire hand to finish.


3. Consume foods rich in vitamin C

To prevent spots and dullness, it is also important to take care of the inside of your body. It is recommended to consume foods that contain vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. Vitamin C is found in abundance in vegetables, fruits, potatoes and green tea. Tomatoes, cabbage and celery are handy because they can be eaten raw without cooking. Eat a balanced diet and try not to be picky or overeat.

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