Skin redness in winter is easy to deal with

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There are many skin problems in winter. In addition to dryness, red silk is also a major problem. Although white and ruddy face is a symbol of health, it won’t look good if it turns red. It makes you look like a village girl every minute. How can we get rid of the problem of skin redness in winter? Now let nikisho tell you.


Two main causes of redness:


1,Vascular abnormalities: abnormal blood circulation of facial blood vessels and vascular allergies can cause skin redness.


2,Edema and increased inflammation: inflammation is “acne”. Most of the skin prone to redness is more sensitive and allergic, which is more likely to cause inflammation.


2 incentives for red skin:


1,Improper selection of skin care products: improper selection of drugs and skin care products will damage the skin barrier, stimulate normal skin and cause sensitive redness.


2,Sun exposure: white skin is prone to sensitive redness, and sun exposure may be the inducing factor.


An obvious feature of reddish skin is red blood filaments. There are two common causes for the formation of red blood filaments:


1,The cuticle is damaged, and the capillaries lose the natural protection of the stratum corneum, which is stimulated by the external environment for a long time, resulting in vasodilation, siltation and damage.


2,A facial phenomenon caused by the relatively shallow position of facial congenital capillaries. The skin is thin and sensitive, and the face is redder when it is too cold, overheated and excited, thus forming the phenomenon of red blood filaments.


 skin problems


Repair and moisturize


Moisture is a powerful barrier for the skin to resist external invasion. The moisturizing work of reddish skin is very important, because dry skin is easy to cause sensitivity, and sensitivity will also aggravate red blood and other symptoms. Therefore, we should do a good job of moisturizing, prepare a bottle of spray at any time, replenish energy and nutrition for the skin, and improve the microcirculation of the skin.


Deep care


Night bedtime maintenance is the best time for cell growth and repair, because the skin’s absorption of skin care products has also been greatly improved, so it’s best to form the habit of sleeping on time before 11 o’clock. Bedtime maintenance is also very important. Selecting appropriate skin care products for deep care of the skin can better protect beautiful skin.


Daily intensive nursing


After careful basic care, intensive care shall be carried out according to skin problems, so as to effectively improve the problem of redness, improve the skin’s self-healing ability and effectively resist external stimuli.


Step 1: clean your face carefully


Use a mild facial cleanser to avoid irritating the skin, and apply a towel soaked in 30 ℃ warm water on the face.


Step 2: Spray


Use slow, anti irritant spray, resist external stimuli, quickly shrink blood vessels, reduce redness and scorching heat.


Step 3: conditioning skin


Apply a layer of repair milk to remove red blood filaments, which can further strengthen the microvascular wall and repair sensitive muscles.


Keyan’s limited edition high moisturizing cream


Frozen protective protein extracted from Antarctica has antifreeze, anti drying and strong moisturizing effect. It can lock the moisture on the skin surface and absorb the moisture in the air, so as to achieve the uninterrupted moisturizing effect all day. After use, the skin feels comfortable and obviously moisture balanced; When absorbing and absorbing moisture in the air, it helps the skin reduce the loss of moisture. It can protect against injury even in severe climate environment.


Avene repair red Moisturizing Mask


For sensitive skin easily troubled by burning, redness and red blood, quickly and effectively attack the root cause of redness, cool immediately and remove the skin red alarm. Unique wash free formula, no fragrance and p-hydroxybenzoate. The texture is fresh and melts immediately. It is rich in new high concentration holiday leaf root extract saponins – immediately repair red, combined with yayang active spring water – soothe and calm, supplemented by dextran sulfate – repair sensitive skin. The three active ingredients work together to deeply resist red, quickly reduce skin temperature, quickly relieve burning sensation, and bring a comfortable and moisturizing feeling to the skin. It is an essential “skin fire extinguisher” for sensitive skin.

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