So fragrant, buy until you can not stop

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Is there a smell that makes you linger?


I am a fragrance lover, in the past few years she spent a lot of money on perfumes and fragrances. The happiest time of the day is late at night, open their favorite candles to “burn money”.


When the end of a busy day in the city, back to their own home, free to do some private things, really the most relaxing moment. Yes, the incense tasting thing is the most personal.


Recently, my home has added a lot of new flavors.


Speaking of this brand, many netizen bloggers have recommended, but Scarlett has not been able to get. Not because of expensive, mainly because there is no inventory, but also too lazy to squat to grab the sale time, so give up.


Well, this brand is the oriental plant fragrance-based Guanxia.


In the introduction of Guanxia, the most eye-catching paragraph is: the use of oriental familiar plant ingredients, writing out of memory of the mountains, rivers, wilderness, earth and grass, to create a brand tone.


Last time we went to Zhuhai Changlong (“Private Changlong Vacation Tips”), on the way back, Scarlett, who was sitting in the passenger seat, explained her knowledge and understanding of Guanxia to Liu Daqiang.


The most successful thing about Guanxia is undoubtedly the brand.


They tapped into a unique brand positioning, focusing on oriental imagery, and gave Chinese consumers a lot of contextual associations through marketing.


Kunlun Boiling Snow, Yihe Golden Laurel, Floating Light and Bamboo, Shuyuan Lotus Pond, Listen to Spring Jasmine, Fu Kai Sen Lu, Mojito on the windowsill, all these extremely poetic names are leading you to produce a picture in your mind, and when the taste floats, it is a complete scene atmosphere.



In fact, the first time I noticed Guanxia was through their aromatherapy crystals.


The colorful transparent crystals are placed in a glass vessel, a few drops of essential oil, and the fragrance immediately spreads out. A unique way to diffuse fragrance, very artistic.


This time, because of luck, a brain bought a number of Guanxia products, if not out of stock, can not stop.


The biggest advantage of Guanxia is: the price is not high, the ritual is sufficient, and the uniqueness is strong.


For foreign fragrance brands, whether it is aromatherapy candles, perfumes, moving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consumers buy home to enjoy okay, if you do not know much, then there is a feeling of eating yellow.


For example, its aromatherapy candles, the packaging of gold “Rose”, “Gui”, “Orchid”, “Kun”, from From the font to the color, all have a light oriental flavor. We have a friend’s birthday, it happens to have summer in the name. We chose a gift for her, the bag says to Summer, a proper sense of ceremony.


Oriental elements that give a strong life to the summer.


Take the aromatherapy candle, his wick is a kind of wood wick, burning will emit a crackling sound, like wood burning in the fireplace, at first felt a little noisy, then get used to it like white noise, feel like you are sitting in a cabin by the fireplace.


Of all the fragrances, Scarlett’s favorite is the collaboration between Guan Xia and the Pine Gallery. She likes the taste of wood, so this pine is right up her alley.


The brand used a branch like a pine branch, suspended in an aromatherapy bottle, which looks like a painting. Placed in the foyer, bookshelf, a completely poetic ornament, every time you pass by, you can not help but look at it, really will make the mood better.


Finally, talk about the taste of Guanxia.


Bought so many perfumes, Scarlett also often discussed with friends, I have to say that the taste is really very personal things, even the closest relationship with friends, family, for the taste of preference will be the sky and the ground.


Put in a number of European and American fragrance brands, the taste of Guanxia seems relatively light, need to smell, but also need to imagine, but once smelled, will certainly be able to remember, can not forget, is the kind of taste that can evoke your memories.


For example, the smell of “Gui” will remind people of the fragrance of the Maeng Khuahua that their grandmother hung on their clothes as perfume when they were young, which is very dear and very long.


Each fragrance of Guanxia has a story behind it. These stories are written with great precision and resonate very well with Chinese people because of the same cultural background, which gives us a common imagination about the world.


After buying so many Guanxia products, I still wish to have more.


I heard that Guanxia has physical stores in Beijing and Chengdu, and those who can’t go can buy them every Thursday at 8pm in their small program, which is also described as less than a second, but almost 30 minutes after the new one, you may not be able to buy what you want.


I don’t know if you’ve ever had the experience of having a taste that exists in your memory that you simply can’t describe to others. However, you have to believe that in this world, there must be someone who can understand.


This feeling, like love. There is always a Ta will appear and fall in love with all of you.

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