Step by step tutorials for nail polish removal The most complete steps for the correct application of nail polish

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The correct steps to apply nail polish, and of course, the steps to remove it! The correct method and steps to remove the nail can minimize the damage to the nail, and customers will not always complain about “the more thin”!


Apply nail polish


Prepare tools:Sponge file, dust brush, sand, cotton, cotton, orange wood stick, nail lamp, 75 ° alcohol, 95 ° alcohol, base coat, nail polish, sealer.


Polishing the nail surface:


1、Surface polish the nail with the coarse side of sponge file in the order of side.


2、Surf the front side of the nail.


3、Then polish the side of the nail surface, when polishing the side, you need to use your fingers to slightly poke away the outer skin of the nail and then do the polishing action.


 Clean the nail surface:


1、Remove the dust from the nail surface and the nail groove with a dust brush.


2、Wipe the nail surface with a cotton pad dipped in 75° alcohol


Wrap the edge and apply the base coat:


1、Wrap the edge: first use the base coat to wrap the edge of the nail at the front edge, i.e. brush from one side of the front edge to the other side, then reverse the direction and come again.


2、coated with primer: follow the direction of the fingertips, brush a thin layer of primer


3、Lighting curing


Nail polish


Apply color glue:


1, apply the first layer of color: the same, with nail polish gel in the front edge of the wrap


2, brush a thin layer of nail polish from the back edge of the nail to the fingertip. When brushing the back edge, press the brush head gently on the nail surface, slowly push it to the finger edge to a distance of 0.5mm, then pull back


3、Then brush both sides.


4、If applied to the skin, you can use orange wood stick to roll up the cotton to clean the nail edge


5、Shine the light


6、Repeat coloring and lighting


Apply sealer:


1、Wrap the front edge with the sealer


2、Brush a thin layer of sealer in the direction of fingertips


3、If applied to the skin, you can use orange wood stick to roll up the cotton to clean the nail edge.


4、Light curing


5、Remove floating glue: If you use scrubbing sealer, it will produce floating glue after lighting, you need to wipe it off with a cotton pad dipped in 95° alcohol


6、Finish: The color should be 0.5mm away from the nail edge, with even color and wrap around edge.




1、 each layer of color should not be too thick, otherwise it will cause shrinkage gel. If you want to make the color effect of nail polish more intense, you need to apply three thin layers or more, instead of applying two thick layers.


2、when picking nail polish or nail glue be careful to choose a product with full color. Poor quality nail polish will easily change color or lose color, and also cause uneven brush results. In addition, choose a brush with a neat brush head, so that it is easy to brush to the end. The bristles are too hard and will appear as a stripe.


3、when painting nails to pay attention to hand gestures, hand gestures are not correct then easily lead to hand shaking, and then brush unevenly. Generally, the left hand should hold the other hand, and then the right hand with a small tail finger or ring finger point to a finger of the left hand, so that the right hand has a reliance, so that you can prevent hand shaking.


Remove nail polish


Prepare tools


Sanding strip, dust brush, tweezers, small steel pusher, sponge file, polishing strip, tinfoil, cotton, nail polish remover, nutrient oil


Sanding nail surface


1、Sanding: Use the fine side of the sanding strip to gently sand the nail surface in the order of side – front – side


Clean the nail surface


1、Clean the nail surface with dust brush


2、After sanding, the nail surface must be covered with traces, but the color must not be removed.


Wrap nail polish remover


1、Cut the appropriate size of tin paper


2、Press to take sufficient amount of nail polish remover onto the cotton


3、Use tweezers to cover the cotton completely on the nail surface


4、Use the tinfoil pad under the nail.


5、and wrap the cotton and seal it well


As the picture shows the effect of wrapping all fingers, after 5-10 minutes, we will remove the nail supplies as a whole


Clean up residual nail polish


1、remove the nail removal package, use a small steel push to gently push out the softened gel, pay attention to push gently, otherwise it will hurt the nail surface


2、Gently grind away the residual gel with a sponge file and polish the nail surface.


3、Clean the nail surface with dust brush


4、Polishing: polish the nail surface with polishing strips, first use the coarse side to polish lightly, then use the fine side.


5、Apply nutrient oil: Apply nutrient oil to the nail edge and massage until it is absorbed.


Finished effect


Finish: nail surface clean without residue, and can not have obvious grinding thin nail surface


TIPS: Now many nail salons are using more clean and hygienic nail removal kits, the removal method and tinfoil removal method is the same Oh ~.


The correct way to apply nail polish is one of the bases to keep your nails lasting, and the correct way to remove it is also another measure to protect your nails!

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