Stretch mark products do not work? The best and effective ones are not only Clarins

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The two children were born, two children did not grow a stretch mark, basically all rely on stretch mark products to support.In order to prevent stretch marks, the common stretch mark products on the market I basically contacted 80% or 90%!


This is the first time I’ve ever seen a company like this.The common stretch mark products on the market are divided into two categories: oils and creams.


Oil: skin conditioning + efficacy ingredients (moisturizing, soothing inflammation / delay aging)


cream: base material (moisturizer, thickener, emollient) + efficacious ingredients (hydration and moisturizing, soothing repair, enhance elasticity, etc.)


Their principles are the same when used and somewhat different, so the effect and use of the feeling brought about is not the same.


1, cream type


Nenf Folic Acid Pregnancy Line Serum


This product is relatively niche, I still wander when I see, it is the German Nenf for pregnant women design, I checked the composition, very safe, no added any irritating ingredients, and still all green, this point looked really at ease.


Efficacy: soothe dry itch, prevent stretch marks


The main ingredients: Centella asiatica extract ingredients, ceramide, soybean fermentation extract, small molecule amino acid ingredients.


PS: Centella asiatica currently has literature proving that it is an effective ingredient in preventing stretch marks, according to the nourishment I found, this product adds Centella asiatica purity higher than 95%, but also using a combination of ingredients, including Centella asiatica glycosides, hydroxy Centella asiatica, Centella asiatica.


Stretch Mark Oil


Feel: Its texture is very moist, relatively fresh on the skin, absorbed quickly by thieves, when applied, there is no greasy feeling. Smear to the skin is a cool feeling, very comfortable, can instantly smoothen the dry lines, soothe inflammation.


When itching, you can take a thick application + massage to promote the absorption of moisture into the skin. After applying, the itchy feeling is relieved and you don’t need to endure the desire to scratch anymore.


mama&kids stretch mark cream


This I believe many pregnant mothers should know, more famous, I was in a book to see to get.


Effectiveness: hydration and moisturizing, increase skin elasticity


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and they’ve been in the market for a long time.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.


The amount of it is relatively large, a large one can be used completely as a body lotion, but it does not seem to be suitable for thick coating, I every time thick coating will appear rubbing mud phenomenon, the back are using thin coating.


2, Oil


Clarins Stretch Mark Oil


The name recognition is very high, it can be said that almost all pregnant mothers first choice of a brand!


Wipe stretch mark products useless? Netizen: the product did not choose the right, the best and effective not Clarins efficacy: hydration and moisturizing, live for the skin conditioning, has the effect of enhancing skin elasticity.


The main ingredients: European hazelnut oil, fragrant leaves Tianzhu sunflower oil, rosemary leaf oil, peppermint leaf oil.


PS: Hazelnut oil is very permeable, in addition to penetrate the skin layer, but also improve the problem of dry and sensitive skin.


To add, some will apply pure essential oil, which tends to accelerate the rate of blood circulation, and is generally not recommended for use during pregnancy.


Feelings: It is not as sticky texture as the Internet says, not very well absorbed to be true, when applied to the surface of the skin will form a protective film of oil, did not wash the application are required to massage 15 minutes before the basic absorption finished, summer is indifferent, winter is a bit difficult. The moisturizing properties are relatively long-lasting.


Bailo oil


This oil has been known as a universal oil existence, not only to lighten acne marks, but also to improve uneven skin tone and wrinkles.


Result : lightens lines and blemishes, evens out skin tone


Main ingredients: red myrrh alcohol, retinol brown ketone lipid


PS: retinol effect preventive repair effect is the most effective ingredient in addition to Centella asiatica, not only has the effect of lightening lines, but also can play a role in improving


This I do not recommend the use of pregnancy, retinol or its derivatives are pregnant women caution ingredients, long-term use of teratogenic risk ~ can be used after childbirth.


Feelings: the smell is a bit pungent, especially when I just got it really in the stage of pregnancy vomiting, I did not have the heart to go down to use, I was afraid I could not stand it


The main reason I didn’t have a long time to myself is that I couldn’t use it after I found out that it contains ingredients that are cautiously used by pregnant women, and the limited experience of using it several times is not comfortable. The pouring bottle, it is easy to waste phenomenon, and then the hip area is not very good to apply, but also with the help of a husband to do.


I have been using the Clarins+Nenef with


In addition to applying stretch mark products, you also need to control your weight, you can combine diet and exercise.


The above are the products I used during pregnancy, or as the saying goes, products are not the only means, only persistence is the finishing touch!

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