Super comprehensive gift list! A girl can tell you what’s a good gift

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Every Valentine’s Day, some people wonder why they can’t find a boyfriend/girlfriend, while others wonder what to get their significant other. In the past, a lot of boys are not to send lipstick of pink of crystal ball, dead Barbie to girlfriend, send rose, chocolate to wait a moment namely, still have even crazy pull cool dazzle bright blind gift box, lack new idea already, step thunder easily also!


Now that you’ve decided to give your girlfriend a gift, why not buy something more in line with a girl’s aesthetic or something of high quality? Today, Nikisho, from a girl’s perspective, will give you some tips on how to choose gifts for girls and some different kinds of gifts to give her a little surprise!


Guys who want to get creative can avoid these stereotypical gift lists:


1, do not search “girlfriend moved to cry”, “girlfriend gift romantic surprise”, “Chinese Valentine’s Day gift” and other straightforward keywords;


1,Avoid boxes and gifts with “small light bulbs” and “music” (unless it is a self-prepared gift box with lights);


3,Avoid odd lipstick shades like male, Barbie, and fluorescent orange.


4, avoid the rose eternal life flower to spell Chinese characters gift box/animal gift box, rose chocolate, etc.


5,Avoid imitation cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes, necklaces, shoes, clothes and so on.


If you’re looking for something creative and more artistic, you can start with music, booklists, and books.




Retro versatile wall-mounted CD player


Although electronic music is now easy to listen to and has a powerful music library, I still miss the joy and touch of buying CDS of idol singers in the past. This retro multi-functional wall-mounted CD player just needs to put a CD, gently pull, you can put away all kinds of music software, paid music and other worries, back to the comfortable time of enjoying music, but also can let the grey CD “see the light of day”. It also has a Bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone, and dual imported speakers for more music and better sound quality.


Fuji Instax Mini Liplay polaroid


There are nearly 40 built-in templates and 6 filters to choose from. Small models, whether it is to carry or play at home are very convenient!


JUNO MALLET British ladies’ watch


Watch is not only a symbol of a man’s dignity, but also a part of a woman’s temperament. General watch budget will be relatively high, if it is not easy to hit and have new ideas, you can consider JUNOMALLET British minority women’s watches. This brand of watch the main dial DIY customization, dial ornaments can choose different theme collocation, roses, desserts, pets, love and so on, dial also has a variety of colors to choose from. Girlfriend can decorate their own favorite dial, very meaningful yo ~


Small household appliances are also a good choice, but also more practical. However, after a week of small make up inquiry, like cervical vertebra massager, foot tub and so on look like health small appliances, in fact, eat ash rate is higher, it is not recommended that you choose.


Ultrasonic cleaning machine


Girls generally have a lot of jewelry, wear a long time will inevitably have black phenomenon. Ultrasonic cleaning agent can not only be used to clean glasses some dead corner dirt, but also can clean watches, jewelry and other small objects, and even can be used to clean girls commonly used makeup brush, daily use scenarios, eat ash rate is low.


Pocket projector


Watching movies is a hobby of many girls, but the screen of mobile phone and tablet always looks less addictive than the big screen. The advent of projector can solve this problem very well. Especially pocket projector, portable projector, small and easy to carry, travel can also enjoy the feast of large screen at any time.


Dyson hair dryer


The Dyson hair dryer is the ceiling of every girl’s hair care. Especially the new generation of Dyson hair dryer, not only has a more fashionable color matching and cutting-edge technology, carrying dyson patent V9 digital motor, with strong wind speed, fast dry hair and do not hurt hair, so many girls are fond of.


I really don’t know what gift to give a girl, but the most safe way is to choose some big-name beauty products. If the boys do not know what foundation, eye shadow, blush and other professional words, do not know how to choose the appropriate color number, we suggest that you can choose some gift box products, the first is less prone to error, and generally there will be one or two products to use, the second is that girls receive a box will have a sense of satisfaction and novelty.


LANCOME Tanabata leather three-piece gift box


This Lancome Tanabata leather gift box looks very texty in both the outer packaging and the lipstick packaging, and the three red colors inside are #888 ono berry, #193 cinnabar orange and #278 caramel cinnamon, which are popular and everyday colors. The three colors are different styles for your girl to wear with different makeup


The above is a small series of recent sorting out some gift list, you still want to choose the right gift for your girlfriend according to her interests and specific needs! Kind-hearted girlfriend generally will not care about what you send, as long as the heart to good! Finally, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day in advance

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