Super praise men’s skincare strategy, do not demonize men’s skincare, do not have to pay the IQ tax

wu meijie Date:2021-09-06 15:01:47
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The real IQ tax is the demonization of men’s skincare! A pile of answers to hate every male skin care to take the “noblewoman” route, from cleanser – muscle base – moisturizing water – lotion – essence – cream – eye cream – patch mask all use. The actual men’s skin care is actually a simple cleansing water milk.


1, SKII men’s skin care trilogy


SK2 men’s series as a whole is fragrance-free, so it does not make people feel very feminine. The overall is more refreshing and well absorbed, suitable for oily acne skin, combination skin, more importantly, the use of perfume can show the original flavor of perfume. In addition to aging keratinocytes, promote metabolism, even skin tone, make the skin soft and bright to its use of cosmetics process language summarized, that is, anti-aging, promote metabolism, moisturizing, whitening, recommended to urban white-collar men.


SKII men's skin care


2, Kiehl’s men’s vitality and moisturizing three-piece set


This set is fresh and gentle, a cool fragrance once opened, it feels very comfortable. The texture of the lotion is refreshingly non-sticky and is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a residue, and the skin care experience feels better. The lotion helps to soothe the skin and regulate the skin’s oil secretion, and the skin that was originally oily is not so oily after using it. This set of products can not only control oil, moisturizing effect is also quite good.


3、Bioquan Hydro Power Skin Care Set


It can be very effective in removing the metabolic waste that accumulates on the surface of the skin. And the texture is also very light, generally after washing the face to the face skin pat three times lotion, can quickly moisten the skin cells, the skin becomes transparent, bright!


4, Elyseal water milk


The Elysium is also a popular product recently, it is more suitable for young skin around 20 years old, and it comes with a little bit of preliminary anti-aging effect. The ability of this water cream to regulate the oil balance is good.


5、Orbin health water


Suitable for water and oil imbalance of the skin, if your skin stratum corneum metabolism is unstable, water and oil imbalance, both dry and oily meaning, easy to have horny, insist on using must have effect, the premise is that the amount must be enough, must use a cotton pad to apply lotion, away from these two points, you can not appreciate its ability to regulate the metabolism of keratin!


6、Dike water lotion


This is suitable for men in the mixed skin, Dike lotion and lotion with the use of a unique heritage of Dike first milk maintenance way, so that the inner skin to enhance the highest level of maintenance. The first is a delicate and soothing lotion that penetrates right to the bottom of the skin, softening the entire skin, followed by a continuous high moisturizing effect lotion, making the skin as clear as water.


7、Friends water lotion


The recommended Fri Fang Silk refreshing water milk, is indeed refreshing, and the texture of ordinary mineral water is more like, on the face pat a few times on the scuff absorption, permeability is quite strong, after using the touch face moisture sense enhanced some. The liquidity of the lotion is very strong, than the nourishing models look to thin a lot, on the face of a second into the feeling of water, the absorption speed is not as fast as the make-up water, but after the absorption will not be sticky, light and transparent moist, the face feel smooth and tender. The most nice thing for oily skin is to wake up the next day with a much better oil situation.


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