The 10 most practical makeup tips, let the novice small white your makeup a higher level!

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Apply mascara


Be sure to clamp your eyelashes when applying mascara, otherwise your eyelashes will “press” your eyes, making them look small; Brush mascara with spiral brush a few times, the root is clear. If you get eye shadow from mascara, spin it off with a cotton swab.


Eyeliner skills


When drawing eyeliner, take subsection type, draw the eye head first, then draw a line from the end of the eye to the middle, and finally connect the head and tail with a line, which is more natural and close to the eye radian.


eyebrow color choice


If the eyebrow shape itself is ok, use the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder light to fill the eyebrow shape can be. Choose a gray for black hair, a dyed one, and a brown one for maroon hair.


Lipstick lasts


makeup tips


To make your lipstick last longer, tear a thin layer with a paper towel and stick it on your lips with lipstick. Then wet the paper towel with water through the paper towel and wait for a while before taking it off. Or apply a layer of powdered honey to your lips over a tissue to make the lipstick last longer.


“√” blush


In the way of tick, draw the cheek of NIKE shape from the inside out. This painting method will visually lift the line of the face, even if the expression is relaxed, it also looks like smiling. Remember that the position of the painting can not be lower than the nose, to achieve the perfect lifting effect.




Want a high nose bridge but do not want to buy a nose shadow, you can use the eyebrow brush two, and then dizzy fingers, these tips pro test practical and effective ~


No makeup on the eyeliner


You can use dark eye shadow instead of eyeliner, such as dark brown, with a small brush along the root of the eyelash, especially natural, and won’t dizzy! Don’t dizzy! Oily skin can give up eyeliner directly, choose this skill convenient and effective, want to know not to faint makeup look ability higher level!


A lie silkworm to create adorable eyes


Lie silkworm is a sharp tool to reduce age, especially Japanese and Korean girls love to draw lie silkworm makeup, first use brown eye shadow or eyebrow powder in the 5mm position at the moment to draw a shallow shadow, and then fill with white shining eye shadow, pay attention to the length of not more than the end of the eye; Or directly with lying silkworm pen in the pupil below the skin on the painting, pay attention to the hand is not too heavy, a small number of daub.


prevent nose makeup


We are most likely to give oil makeup place is part of the nose, so while they are in air cushion we according to the method of face, gently daub directly with air cushion powder puff on nose and the nose direction daub, such against the pore makeup can make the foundation or foundation more solid stick on the skin, and the effect of the containment is good also, We just need to be careful when we remove the makeup.


Cover concealer with brush


To cover your marks with concealer, apply a small amount of concealer with a small brush and gently push away the other concealer. This will work better than using your hands.

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