The most common handbags used by female celebrities and fashionable people, these 4 are worth buying.

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Not only are there shoulder bags that are loved for commuting, chic and versatile mini bags, and even woven bags suitable for vacation, etc., together they are a complete Temptation of the Handbag .Without further ado, let’s take a look.




1,Celine AVA logo print handbags

This year Celine can be said to be on fire, underarm bags, shoulder bags, Tote bag and several other bags have killed the siege, capturing the hearts of a large number of fashionable elite.


The material of this handbag is made of faux leather and cow leather trim, which does not feel as soft as a sheepskin handbag, but the advantage is that it is not so delicate and more resistant to construction.


The price of AVA handbags is relatively low compared to the big brand handbags that can cost 20,000 to 30,000.It does not seem to have a large capacity, but in fact it can be quite loaded.Putting card clips, headphones, lipstick are no problem at all, daily back or quite practical.


The half-moon bag type is different from other underarm bags in appearance, and it can be worn with the simplest clothes through the classic print, which is casual and handsome.This handbag domestic and foreign stars almost a hand, enough to see how “fragrant” it is in the fashion world.


2,Bottega Veneta The Crisscross Handbag

As a dark horse in the handbag industry, Bottega Veneta came out with a lot of explosive handbags last year, such as Pouch handbags, Arco handbags ……


The beauty is really beautiful, but more or less people will feel “not so BV”, many people also wonder, is not the fine compact woven elements are not popular?Of course not, this year, the brand’s signature intrecciato woven elements “kill” back!


The Crisscross Bag made editors exclaim OMG when it first appeared on the show.It presents the brand’s signature woven elements, through the soft leather strips to make a rolled silhouette, very recognizable.


Especially the tassel model on the left, too characteristic, is simply a fashionable essence of the concave modeling tool.When Tong Yao attended the event, she carried a fringe model, with a khaki shirt and bright diamond pants, the field was open, the capital: Sister is the queen!For ordinary people, fringe models in the usual take may be a little less convenient, the basic model is a lot more practical.


It has five colors each, plenty of room to choose from.This handbag is particularly suitable for use as a clutch with the dress.It’s a good idea to consider it in advance for the annual meeting (although there are still several months to go), or for important occasions to use it to create a look.


3,Saint Laurent LE 5 À 7 bag

Is there anyone who hasn’t been grassed up by Saint Laurent’s LE 5 À 7?It’s hard for anyone not to fall in love with this bag that just keeps getting better and better!The LE 5 À 7 bag has many of the advantages of a popular handbag.


The bag type it uses the most inin Hobo style, narrow side, just stuck in the location of the armpit, simple, sharp.The body of the bag is embedded with Saint Laurent’s iconic logo, a sense of sophistication and recognition.


The point is that it can be matched with a variety of styles, casual, sports are available, and now has become Hailey’s must-have for the street.


4,Dior Super Mini Lady Dior

The second half of this year, Dior launched a series of ultra-miniature handbags, are Dior’s classic models, we saw the first glance exclaimed: what is this earthly small cute?Even Lady Dior, which has always been known for its elegance, has become more lively after becoming ultra-mini size.Lady Dior handbags are handmade by Dior artisans, and as the artisans say.


“Lady Dior is like an architectural work, the inner and outer structure is equally important! And because each step of the process requires different craft skills, each stitch and each thread leaves a classic mark that cannot be replaced by cold machines.”The process of making a handbag is usually very complex, requiring at least eight hours of production time to complete.


Do not look at this handbag is only palm-sized, but the workmanship still adheres to Lady Dior’s usual exquisite, each knife, each stitch, each step are handled with extreme precision, not a hair out of place.The past Lady Dior often gives a mature feeling, small girls may not carry the rhyme.This ultra-mini Lady Dior will not at all, palm size young and energetic, itself is very energetic .


Super mini Lady Dior handbags are carefully crafted from sheep leather and decorated with vine checkered seam lines and the iconic “D.I.O.R.” charm to enhance the style.Not too high-profile, but versatile enough. Whether it is a little girl style or a mature woman style, it can hold up.

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