The difference between sleeping mask and face cream is that after applying facial mask to face cream?

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It is believed that many kinds of skin care products such as facial mask are well known and used many times, but there are many kinds of facial mask, such as flake mask, mud mask and sleeping mask.


In these kinds of facial mask, the use of sleeping mask is relatively special. It can be applied to the skin without washing. It is similar to face cream and looks similar to face cream. Can you distinguish between sleeping mask and face cream? If not, take a look at the difference between sleeping mask and face cream. Let’s see if sleeping mask is applied to face cream.


The difference between sleeping mask and face cream




Sleeping Mask: use a thick layer of essence dressing to block the contact between the face and the air, prevent the evaporation of the skin’s moisture, increase the humidity of the stratum corneum, and soften the horny; The skin temperature increases to expand the pores, which is conducive to the smooth absorption of nutrients.


Facial cream: using the principle of different density of water and oil, the floating state of oil is formed. When the cream is applied, a protective film can be formed. The internal moisture will not be lost, and the external air can not enter, so that the nutrition can be locked in the skin.


sleeping mask




Sleeping Mask: provides moisture for the stratum corneum and softens the cuticle. Promote the blood circulation of the face and make the infiltrated nutrients spread better among the tissues.


Cream: the basic function is to replenishment and moisturizing. Other actions should be determined according to the functional ingredients added by the cream, such as anti-aging, stimulating cell energy, promoting collagen synthesis, improving skin surface texture and complexion uniformity, and making skin more meticulous.




Sleep mask:


After cleansing skin care, take appropriate water mask, heat it with palm and then apply it to the whole face. Attention should be paid to avoid the skin around the eyes and smear the mask from bottom to top. You can also smear the neck skin by the way; Finally, after waiting for the sleeping mask to film, you can choose to sleep. After second days, wash up or wash after twenty minutes.




Cleansing and using make-up water essence cream eye cream; Then take the right amount of cream on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, draw the circle from inside to outside, apply the cream to the whole face. Massage the whole face, massage the face gently after the massage, and ensure that the cream is fully absorbed.


Does sleeping mask apply to face cream?


Sleeping mask is used behind the face cream. Therefore, the whole skin care steps are as follows: cleansing products – Cleansing Cream – makeup water – Essence Cream – eye cream – emulsion or cream – sleep mask.


Sleep mask can be cleaned twenty minutes after use, or after sleeping directly, and then cleaned on second days.


In addition, sleep mask generally recommends two to three times a week, not too often.

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