The famous brand self-use essence big review, these 10 blind buy can not go wrong!

wu meijie Date:2021-09-07 10:33:37
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The recent change of season, the skin more or less will appear unstable problems. Essence is the most effective and fastest-acting product in skincare, that we treat the symptoms! Today, a wave of essence recommendations.


1: SKII Genoptics Spot Essence

SKII Genoptics Spot Essence is my recent use, the main effect is whitening light spot. I think its whitening effect is really good, although the official claim that a month can be white a degree, but I used just half a month, I feel that their skin tone brightened a lot. But to say that the effect of light spots, or long-term use, around a friend with two bottles, acne marks and spots before there is a significant lightening.


A lot of whitening essence is either too stimulating, or to avoid light, but the small bulb does not have these problems, morning and night can be used, and the texture is thin, on the face is no what burden.


Recommended skin type: any (except niacinamide intolerance)

Effect: Whitening, light spot


Genoptics Spot Essence



This is a bottle of muscle base essence, can promote the subsequent skin care products better absorption, can also repair the skin. It is the right one for those who have dryness and redness in the new season, and it can be improved in almost no time.


The texture of the essence is a lot of oily skin will like, like egg white, refreshing not sticky. For my oily skin, the moisturizing effect on the face is also very good, is definitely a repurchase of the essence.


Recommended skin type: any skin type

Result : repairs and refines the skin


3: Double Serum

The Clarins double essence is what I got last winter, when I bought it with the title of anti-aging, but the feeling of using it exceeded my expectations.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. I’ve been using two pumps each time because my skin absorbs quickly, and my face is very moisturized.


Recommended skin type: dry skin, mixed dry

Result : firming, anti-aging, nourishing


4: Estee Lauder Small Brown Bottle

The little brown bottle should be my favorite essence, its stabilizing effect is particularly good, just use it for a while to feel the pores become very fine, skin tone is also a lot more even. I think it is very suitable for night use, even after staying up late the next day skin tone will not be dull, this is very satisfied.


The texture of the essence is slightly viscous, but it is quickly absorbed into the face, and there was a time when it was used with the Lancome Black Bottle, and the results were surprisingly good.


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and also the most popular.


Result : moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, nourishing, repairing


5: Chanel wisdom skin tightening and lifting essence

This is my first product in the Chanel skincare line. This bottle focuses on lifting and firming, reducing fine lines, belonging to the anti-aging type of essence.


It’s a very good idea to use it as a lotion when your skin is in good condition. I’ve been using it for a while, and my skin has become much more radiant.


Recommended skin type: All skin types

Result : firming, repairing, nourishing, radiance-boosting


6: Fresh black tea essence water

As an oily skin really do not like too viscous texture of the serum, so I directly Fresh black tea essence water as a daily essence to use.


The effect is very good, like moisturizing and oil control, refining the skin these basic can do, especially when I encounter skin redness and dry skin peeling and other problems, it can quickly repair my skin. The essence is light and watery, moist but not oily, so it doesn’t weigh on your face. It is definitely my treasure essence and I recommend it to my sisters who have oily skin.


Recommended skin type: Any skin type, oily skin preferred

Result : moisturizes, firming


7: HR Green Treasure Bottle

HR green bottle is I bought to use in a hurry, there is a period of bad sleep, chin, forehead not only long closed mouth, the pores on both sides of the nose also became larger, see the official said green bottle can repair, to close mouth, I got a bottle.


The texture is quite surprising to me, the creamy white essence originally thought to be very heavy, but on the face immediately into a watery, light and well absorbed. After using it for a while, the closed mouth has improved, and most importantly, the skin has become very shiny.


Recommended skin type: All skin types

Result : moisturizes, repairs, stabilizes


8: Guerlain Recovery Honey

As Guerlain’s number one fan I must recommend Recovery Honey! Every time I use one drop, my skin is immediately moisturized as if it was full of water! My skin is quite sensitive, but recovery honey is very friendly to me, using so long without any discomfort, but the skin has become very elastic, delicate a lot.


There are golden beads inside the essence, so shake it gently before using it. The texture is very liquid and can be used in the morning to moisturize the whole day.


Recommended skin type: any skin type, dry skin preferred

Result : moisturizes and repairs


The above is the essence of today’s share to you, of course, different skin types, each person’s feelings are different, the sisters can make their own choice according to their own situation Oh!

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