The most chic basic wear in early autumn is coming! Recommended 9 sets of temperament with, will not wear the recommended collection

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The girl in the time of dressing,  in addition to choose a good single product, in fact, the style is also extra important, which is why there are so many girls with bad reasons, in fact, with their own knowledge savings have a relationship.


Some girls although the choice of single products ordinary, but the style is very accurate, so wear out the shape of not bad. And some girls even use especially high quality single product, can wear out the shape or the same ordinary, I think this is the difference it.The witty girl in the time of dressing, has long understood the basic dressing template, so in the time of matching will be a step ahead of others. Today I am going to introduce you to 9 sets of good-looking and well-dressed collocation.


I hope you can harvest the best fashion points from them, so as to get the corresponding sense of chic, which will look more prominent in your future dressing and can bring you more benefits with.


The template


1, beige vest shirt + jeans

 The headline model of the vest is actually not difficult to wear, and can even be said to be very simple. Micro-slimming knitted vest, color is very white, small warm tone with light beige shirt.


This kind of top gentle warmth, the upper body with a very soft breath, with a high waist blue jeans, such a good-looking but simple to wear, small accessories for the whole body embellishment, simple not single.


2, black floral dresses

 The black skirt if you want to reduce its dullness, but also do not want to use too complicated to wear. In fact, the choice of floral skirt is very good, so the type of skirt in the style of design is more adequate, so used with the time, not so monotonous.


3, cardigan vest + jeans

 In addition to the pullover vest shirt, there is a kind of other models of design, such as we usually are not difficult to see the cardigan vest, this type of clothing, wear it freely but not at all casual, simple with a white shirt, and then jeans to match the bottom, so the overall look is good enough.


4, cream beige + black suit pants

 The beige belongs to the warm tone color, in the wear when the soft feeling is relatively sufficient, wear this color clothing, girls do not have to worry about their style is too dull, it is very strong trim.


For the suit also still looks good, cream beige suit, the overall feeling is very atmospheric, the inner wear is a shirt of the same warm tone, under with a black high-waisted thin pants, the whole body of the wear to the gentle to the extreme.


5, blue shirt + navy pants

I think we have heard of the same color shades combined with it, in the fashion circle, this is the most versatile, but also the combination of the most non-step on the color with. In fact, in addition to the white shirt, blue shirt, used with navy pants, styling style is also the same model.


6, white shirt + denim skirt 

Jeans in dressing very personality and dominant sense, with the same fabric to develop a denim skirt, it is the same good-looking style, like this denim half-body skirt with white shirt is very good.


Simple thin white shirt just suitable for autumn, with the open denim skirt with a sense of chic and special to do extremely beautiful, the combination of two colors, not high-profile and good-looking.


7, vest shirt + shorts

The most likely to be used with the vest shirt, and the shirt, and the bottom shirt with the shape is also a lot. When the vest shirt with the shirt, is the combination of atmosphere and fashion, small shorts with the whole body, if the shirt is longer, you can also create the lower body missing.


8, gray long sleeve + jeans

The gray system belongs to the neutral color, in the time of matching, the color is relatively dark, used with the time, must be combined with a good color system and single product. And jeans with when the girl age, can also and black pants or skirt match.


9, denim outer cape + black pants

The solid-colored bottom lining, when wearing it, it can play a thin effect, the slim fit version can greatly expand your body line, with black pants atmosphere and elegance, the outer cape denim jacket, the style of the manifestation to the fullest.

Well, today’s outfit is here ~

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