The order of using skin care products before going to bed

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1, Remove makeup


Removing makeup is the first step in nighttime skincare. If you have makeup or wipe the isolation, sunscreen, etc. during the day, then in the evening skin care, the first thing to do is to remove the makeup clean, as long as the makeup is removed, the subsequent skin care work to achieve the best results, if there is no makeup, then you can wash your face with a cleanser.


2, Cleaning face


This is the second step in the evening skin care, the effect is similar to the removal of makeup.


3, Toner


After cleansing, use a toner with a strong hydrating function to apply to the skin, because it has a secondary cleaning, convergence of pores, hydration and moisturizing, softening keratin and other effects.


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4, Eye Cream


If the eye skin condition is not good, you can apply eye cream after makeup, if there is no eye cream, you can directly skip this link.


5, Lotion/essence/cream


Generally speaking, lotion, essence and cream are three choices or three choices can be, the first with the essence first after the lotion, the second is directly smear cream can be, according to their own skin type, preferences, seasonal decision on how to smear.


6, Sleeping mask


The sleep mask is the last step in the evening skin care, sleep mask in the process of using the skin to better absorb nutrients, the formation of a protective film on the surface, to play the role of moisturizing and hydrating.


What skin care products should be used at night before going to bed


The night is the prime time for the skin to repair itself, and if the right skin care products are used at this time, the skin care effect will be twice as effective. Generally speaking, when choosing nighttime skin care products, you need to pay attention to the following two points.


1, separate day cream and night cream. The role of the day cream is generally to give the skin moisturizing and form a protective film, while the night to use some nutritious things to the skin “meal”, such as serum and night cream and so on. Many brands of products will have a special night cream to the skin in the night to transfer moisture and nutrition, we will find that after applying a layer of moisturizer, the skin after a night of absorption and sleep, the next morning to wake up, the skin is like drinking water as water when.


2, should not use too greasy skin care products at night, otherwise it will prevent the skin to breathe. In addition, it is best to use only one brand of skin care products in one night, for example, you can put on the same brand of eye mask and then the same brand of mask.

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