The use of hair conditioner also need to pay attention to the skills, hair conditioner upgrade usage, will let you care law effect doubled

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After reaching middle age, they all like to perm their hair to increase the volume of hair through hair volume fluffiness to make up for the daily decrease in hair. We usually like to use conditioner again after washing hair in order to care for hair, the care of the perm volume easy to comb, not easy to knot, touch up smooth, today to introduce you to the conditioner upgrade usage, this upgrade usage, will allow you to achieve twice the result with half the effort!


1, shampoo before using conditioner


See here, friends will think I wrote the wrong, because usually, we are after washing hair, then use conditioner to hair care.


Let you do this because permed hair, especially dry hair long hair, more easily knotted, if you wash your hair directly with shampoo, it is easy to let the hair tangled together, if you then comb your hair with a comb, the hair will certainly break


So before shampooing, first use conditioner, to keep a certain distance from the scalp, this is because the conditioner we use are inert, most of them contain silicone oil ingredients, if silicone oil penetrates into the scalp, it is easy to cause pore blockage, rinse up laborious, once rinsing is not clean, it will cause a kind of greasy feeling on the scalp


2, After washing hair, we usually like to directly smear the conditioner, in fact, this is wrong.


Because we use the conditioner, as we dye hair, if the hair is not blow-dried, directly dyed hair, it is likely to lead to hair dye failure, this is because the hair dye, diluted by the water on the hair, and the water on the hair will form a barrier, so that the dye can not penetrate, and ultimately affect the coloring effect


The use of conditioner is also the same reason, the hair is not dried, due to the presence of a large amount of water, not only dilute the conditioner, and let the hair can not be absorbed properly, resulting in the same use of conditioner, hair care does not play a big role




3, Correct use of hair method


First towel dry the hair, and then apply it along with the hair scales, the growth of the hair scales is directional, if the hair quality is not damaged before, the hair scales are closed, is along with the growth of the hair


It is used to lock the moisture of the hair, not to lose water, to prevent the cortical layer of the hair, to absorb the external dust and dirty air, to protect the hair, so your hair touch, will be more soft and shiny.


The epidermis of the hair is made up of many small scales, layer upon layer, the appearance looks like fish scales arranged in an orderly manner, so the name is given a very image called scales.


We all know that perm and hair coloring, are through the chemical dye, the hair on the scales open, in order to allow perm water and dye, absorbed into the hair inner cortical layer, so as to achieve the dye effect.


So it is easy to damage the epidermal layer of hair scales, so that the hair loses its luster, becomes dull, dry and dull, and lose its smoothness to the touch.Using conditioner is to help repair the hair scales, let the scales close, let it continue to align neatly, let it continue to be the hair protector, let the hair continue to shine.


Apply conditioner in the direction of the hair scales, rubbing from the roots towards the ends of the hair, gently, and if the hair is severely damaged, increase the amount of conditioner.


In short, hair care should also be careful method, otherwise it will make your hair damage more serious.


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