These 5 good and inexpensive affordable perfumes, so that the slum girl can also buy to buy

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For girls, perfume is born with an important treasure of attraction, it can help us to gain is more charm and confidence. But the impression of perfume to most people that is with luxury properties, like the market, many big brand perfume, often hundreds of thousands of prices, for some students as well as the poor girls, even if they love again is a little difficult to afford ~


However, today we will give you 5 high value and good smell and not expensive affordable perfume, so let’s take a look at what are it!


1,Marc Jacobs Dream Little Daisy


Marc Jacob’s little daisy as their star product, has always been very hot existence, their family of this perfume first in appearance on the face of the complete conquest of me. It is a typical floral and fruity fragrance, it is a light fragrance type, just look at the bottle is to give a very fresh, very girly feeling. This perfume, as the name suggests, is mainly to the blooming daisy as the design inspiration for the breath, the top note mainly to grapefruit, blackberry, lychee to open the sense of smell, and then by the leaves, musk under the end of the sentence, dreamy and girl, especially for young sisters.


2,Victoria’s Secret Perfume


Victoria’s perfume may be relatively cold, but for people like me who like sweet fragrances, it really is a particularly good smelling perfume. But although it is sweet, but sweet but not cloying feeling, is completely belongs to the kind of sweet, it is a mixture of fruitless and floral, the top note is mainly orange Luan fruit, pineapple, strawberry and purple passion fruit, followed by jasmine, the tail note to the combination of Bikinwood and musk, a perfect blend of green to sexy, to mature senior incense, smell is of the kind of special natural like, personal brother like the second tone, really special The smell is really good.


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3,The Scent Library Encounter Pink Eau de Toilette


I believe that many people know about the perfumes of the Scent Library, especially this Encounter Pink Eau de Parfum, which is a star product like existence. It is also a very unique fragrance, the overall feeling of a sweet girl, coupled with the pink appearance, is really suitable for the face of the fairy. The main principle of this perfume is based on pink “lilac buds”, the overall feeling is very fresh and sweet, although the price is not expensive, but the smell of the fragrance is really a little complementary cheeks, and sweet but not greasy, every time you smell it will make the mood better.


4,Tea Fragrance Master Natural Green Tea (Marine Tea Tree Fruit Tone)


This tea fragrance master perfume, which is mainly based on the green tea scent, the taste is fresh and natural, giving a feeling as if in the embrace of nature, the whole person is very relaxed and pleasant, clear and cool feeling, combined with its natural, green tea eau de toilette name, as if it has become synonymous with summer, super literary. From the packaging, the design of this perfume is relatively simple and atmospheric, with a very high sense of sophistication. It’s top note is mainly to bergamot and green tea flavor main, so just sprayed out when the feeling is very light, followed by a light orange and sea breeze fragrance, very soft taste to give a feeling of spring, the latter note is balsam root and amber woody floral, really very gentle and lovely, the whole scent gives a feeling of freshness, especially suitable for the summer now.


5,1895 Collector’s Edition Perfume


This perfume was really started because of its face value, full of Ins style, looks good texture, really super artistic. This is a very simple design, but it gives a sense of treasuring a long time, low-key, but at the same time can not hide the gorgeous temperament. The top note of this perfume is orange, bergamot, lemon, the first smell is very fresh and pure girl fragrance, followed by a light floral and fruity fragrance, the second note is used wood moss, vetiver, cedar and musk, emitting a mature and intellectual charm from the inside out, the whole fragrance is very rich in layers, and the effect of fragrance is also relatively long-lasting, overall the cost is very high.


Well, the above is today’s inventory of good and affordable popular perfume with you all content, I do not know if there is a series that you like or are using? If there are related issues or other views, welcome to leave a message in the comments below and discuss with everyone!

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