These are a few skin care and beauty mistakes, I’m sure you have them!

wu meijie Date:2021-09-24 15:09:52
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Many people usually in makeup and skin care, Will inadvertently offend some skin care mistakes. Such mistakes seem to be nothing. But in fact, the damage to the skin is great, Without further ado, here to see if you are so.


1, Not washing makeup brushes


Everyone usually uses a lot of tools when doing makeup, the most commonly used are beauty eggs and makeup brushes. But once you use them up, you will forget to clean them regularly, and over time more and more bacteria will accumulate.


After that it is very bad for the skin, especially for friends with sensitive skin, you must remember to clean your makeup tools regularly!




2, sleep without removing makeup


Once you say sleep with makeup we feel that they will not, but do not forget that nap is also sleep Oh ~


The human organ will rest in sleep for self-repair, the skin is also so. In everyday life people can apply some nourishing skin care products before going to bed, so that you can wake up feeling better skin ~


But if you do not remove your makeup when you go to bed, then the skin absorbs the cosmetics on your face, for the sake of your skin, you must carefully remove your makeup before going to bed!


3, cosmetics are also shelf life


Everyone just bought skin care products, can first look at the shelf life of the product, expired products no matter how expensive, can no longer use Oh ~


4, wash your face frequently


Do not feel that your face is too much oil to wash your face often, this will wash away the face of the protective oil, resulting in facial water and oil imbalance. Generally speaking, twice a day is enough to wash, excessive cleaning will damage the skin!


5, do not use makeup remover products


Many fairies do not use makeup remover products directly with the cleanser to remove makeup, that is not good Oh ~ so easy to leave cosmetics residue on the face, clogging pores, damage to the skin.


6, not out of the sun do not apply sunscreen


You will not have to put on sunscreen because of the sun, cloudy days more need sunscreen, although there is no sunlight but ultraviolet rays still exist. Normally speaking, it is necessary to rub sunscreen all year round, to effectively reduce the damage of UV rays and prevent aging.


Finally, not every product is suitable for everyone, do not blindly follow the trend, or according to their own depends on the purchase of their own products, do not have to seek expensive, just seek good use on the line.

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