These serums can effectively improve sagging, brighten and hydrate, and help maintain healthy and vibrant skin

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1, AminoGenesis Spotlight


This product is also a silicon-based skin brightening product that focuses on a variety of complex plant extracts to brighten the skin tone. It also comes with vitamin C derivatives and niacinamide to enhance the brightening effect. The product is not as light, thin and comfortable as the Japanese skin-brightening products, but it is more suitable for dry skin friends to use.


2, Clinique Spotless Double Effect Essence


Clinique this essence is also the old net red! The main whitening ingredient is a high concentration of VC, but also with some salicylic acid ingredients, there is a certain peeling skin exfoliation effect, the initial use of the need to build tolerance, but super-sensitive skin do not come to this hilarious ha!


The essence is a gel-like texture, slightly silicone-sensitive when used, refreshing and non-greasy, ideal for oily skin. It gives me the greatest feeling is to even out the skin tone and brighten the effect. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and also because of the salicylic acid, there is a certain anti-inflammatory effect on the redness of acne.


Elizabeth Arden


3, Elizabeth Arden Gold Gel


Efficacy: repair + primary anti-aging


Features: capsule form, safe and secure


Elizabeth Arden’s serum in the form of capsules as a representative, powder gum, gold gum, silver gum, copper gum, etc. are perennial best-selling essence.If you want to mention anti-aging, gold gum is a very good choice, suitable for dry skin and mixed skin use of the serum, autumn and winter with a special moisturizing.It is a convenient, clean and hygienic way to get one for each use.


The actual fact is that there are no preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers added to the gold gum, so the ingredients are safe and secure.The main effect of the gold gel is the primary anti-aging + repair skin, night use to repair hydration and moisturizing effect, daytime use to improve the makeup after the powder and other makeup problems.


4, Niacinamide Serum


This serum is relatively refreshing, not sticky at all, no alcohol, heavy metals, a relatively mild thing, in general, is a good stay-up first aid essence. After arriving, the skin feels much brighter after using a small half month, and now the skin condition is so good that it is really a piece of cake for it, like the dry skin after staying up all night, and of course the uneven skin tone is also improved. And the large pores also contracted a lot, the skin tone is also fair, even the face of the spots also lightened, the skin reappeared long-lost luster, face became hydrated did not think also to the girl’s skin close.

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