This Company Makes Some of the Only Daily Moisturizers That Don’t Make My Skin Red and Itchy

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This daily lotion from Harry’s knocks it out of the park when it comes to providing my sensitive skin the moisture it needs, while not irritating it one bit.


If you want to know a few interesting things about me, let’s grab a beer or a coffee sometime and talk, because I’d like to learn about you, too, rather than just blather on about myself. However, if you want to know a few boring things about me, you’re in the right place! And here they are:


For starters, I really don’t like sunburns, so I always try to use a sunblock with at least 35+ SPF when I’ll be in direct sun for any extended period of time. Next, I’m not all about spa treatments or dying gray hairs or anything like that, but I figure I might as well age with a modicum of grace, so on days I don’t use sunblock, I’m pretty good about using a facial moisturizer. And finally, I’ve found that many moisturizers make my skin flush red and get warm and itchy for a solid half-hour after I apply the stuff. Sensitive skin is a burden I must bear.


Face cream


See? I told you. Boring stuff. But I know that these are not unique to me, so I’m genuinely glad I started using Harry’s Daily Face Lotion, because it doesn’t irritate my skin — at all — even after I have shaved, which is the real litmus test for whether or not my skin will be bothered by a product.


Just the fact that this daily moisturizer does not make me feel literally hot and bothered (on my cheeks and forehead, not emotionally) is enough for it to be my new go-to. The added facts that it’s light enough to be effectively unfelt within a few minutes of application (yes, I used it this morning before heading to my desk, and no I can’t feel it on my skin now) and that its mild minty scent is so faint as to fade completely in that same time are also serious plusses.


One more feather in the cap? The moisturizer is rated as a broad spectrum SPF 15, which isn’t going to stop a sunburn if I spend a day hiking uncovered in the Kalahari, but it’s got me covered wandering in the yard for a bit or making my way around town. It’s basically the best thing I put on my face all day.

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