This Is Exactly What Kelis Eats in a Day

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The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and classically trained chef walks us through an entire day of eats on her farm.


Read through for a partial breakdown of her daily eats and make sure to check out Kelis’s Bounty&Full sauces to add some spice to your own plates.


She’s a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, a mother, and a classically trained chef. And she is loving her life on the farm. Here, Kelis breaks down her favorite eats and go-to recipes—from fresh-squeezed orange juice and farm-fresh eggs to her signature aji verde and experimenting with raw pies.


 daily eats


“We moved to the farm last year, so we’re all teaching each other, because none of us had a clue at all about any of this,” says Kelis of her newfound farm life. “It was kind of just like, ‘We like food, we want it to be good food, so what do we do?’ To be honest with you, I’m still shocked that it’s working.”


With the array of fresh produce and ingredients at the tips of her fingers, Kelis is able to elevate simple dishes and beverages. Her unconventional go-to coffee recipe, for instance, involves frothed raw milk (“I hate unfrothed milk in my coffee. I don’t ever want unfrothed,” she says) and the occasional smattering of ginger, cayenne, and/or cacao.


Kelis also reveals that she’s able to whip up a variety of egg dishes due to the constant supply. “We live on a farm, so we have a ridiculous amount of eggs all the time,” she says. “So I’m always like, ‘What can I add eggs to?'” Recipes include frittatas, eggs and chorizo, and hard-boiled eggs with smoked habanero salt and hot sauce.


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