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Ladies, are you still worried about sunscreen or isolation? Struggling with concealer and foundation? See come over! See come over! See come over! Important things say three times!! Here is Nikisho to give you the most detailed nanny-style makeup steps.


First of all, let’s understand the basic knowledge of beauty!


1,Every time I put on makeup and go out, some people may struggle to decide whether to prevent sun protection or quarantine first. It is to prevent bask in first of course segregation again! After the milk is finished, it is bask in the sun, and the first thing before beginning to make up is to go up quarantine. Summary is to protect skin with sunscreen, use quarantine first before makeup!


2,Do you need concealer when you have foundation? Actually this varies from person to person, see individual be liked, had better have two, at the same time concealer is relative foundation can be a few darker, skin color is whiter can choose concealer to go up foundation again first, such meeting appears a few more natural.


3,How to choose between brushes and eggs? Here recommended novice small white choose beauty makeup eggs, makeup is more convenient, but also can absorb excess foundation! And beautiful makeup brush suits to repair local flaw, the picture comes out also thinner, even.


makeup step


Below is make up step detailed explanation!


The most rapid makeup, only suitable for emergency, a simple treatment can make jimei become different oh.


Cleansing → sunscreen → foundation → lipstick.


The primary version! For those of you who can’t take enough time to dress up, check it out!


Cleansing → sunscreen → foundation → set makeup → eyebrow pencil → lipstick.


Premium version! Let whole appear more natural more moving!


Cleansing → sunscreen → concealer → foundation → set makeup → eyebrow pencil → eye shadow → makeup → highlight → lipstick.


Deluxe edition! The most detailed steps are here!


The whole street temperament is the most beautiful jimei you must belong to, on the appearance of its own fairy, the rate of 99+. Come and have a look!


Cleansing → makeup → essence → eye cream → lotion → sunscreen → concealer → foundation → set makeup → Eyebrow pencil → eyebrow dye cream → eye makeup → eye shadow → eyeliner → eyelash curler → eyelash foundation → mascara → makeup → highlighter → blush → lip gloss → lip concealer → lipstick → spray.


Finally, I’ll give you some advice!


1,Choose the appropriate quarantine according to your skin type. Oily skin can choose to have the effect of oil control, dry will choose to moisturize.


2,foundation + a small amount of cream → more smooth, light feeling more natural.


3,Makeup egg + powder → more smooth.


4,After applying the base, spritz it on and pull out your secret weapon — your hair dryer! Low heat small wind → durable!


5,White eyeliner can only be painted on the end of the eyes, and choose versatile brown, it is easier to hold, will not jump off, and try to choose cotton head eyeliner, it will be easier to control.


6,Apply a base to eye shadow before you apply it.


The above is all the content to share this time, the specific cosmetics and skin care products choose each person’s preference is different, here do not recommend it. Hope sisters more and more beautiful! The skin is getting better and better!

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