Tokyo Olympics: Beauty brands are also pushing “Olympic limited models”, why do consumers love this?

nikisho Date:2021-08-09 16:12:26
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The year-long postponement of the Tokyo Olympics has finally taken place. The first time I saw the game, I was able to get a pearl manicure for the post-00 shooter Yang Qian and a blue manicure for the post-90s table tennis player Liu Shiwen, and from a certain point of view, these details reflected their “warlike” mentality just right. The “love of beauty and gold” has become a staple.


And mention the beauty, we have to associate with the beauty companies during the Olympic Games some bright performance. For example, SK-II”Olympic Limited Edition” is favored, the cap of the essence of the bottle to the Olympic rings as an element, the bottle printed with the words “TOKYO (Tokyo)” graphic design, has been officially launched at the end of May this year, in the flagship store monthly sales Monthly sales at flagship stores can reach 9000+.


In addition, Nikisho noticed that green, black and red are currently out of stock, and yellow and blue are not in large quantities. In this regard, Nikisho asked the store customer service, its response is: because it is a limited time to buy, so some colors will appear zero inventory phenomenon.


It can be seen, although consumers are clear that, leaving aside the bottle, in fact, the inside is a change of soup, but interestingly, while sober while buying a lot of orders.


Nikisho believes that there are two main reasons why these makeup and skin care products are so eye-catching to consumers.


Beauty brands


Collection value “more than the sky”


The quadrennial Olympic Games have always been a highly anticipated sporting event around the world, however, due to the epidemic, the 32nd Olympic Games, originally scheduled for 2020, was postponed to this year. Nikisho believes that it would be great to have something to remember the summer that is coming as planned and the Olympics that are coming late.


In other words, items related to the Tokyo Olympics naturally become souvenirs in the minds of the audience. “After the empty bottle, I’m going to wash and dry the bottle, so that when I think of this summer later, at least there will be a carrier.”


During the interview, Nikisho found that the continuation of the Olympic spirit is particularly valued now, and hopes that this inspiring force will continue to motivate and inspire every ordinary citizen in the days to come.


  Straight to the consumer’s psyche


In fact, beauty brands that can truly insight into the hearts of consumers are few and far between, because the process is full of hardships, first need to clarify, what is the overall upward trend of consumption, and then can be comfortable to start the layout.


In this era of beauty is justice, consumers often shop to see the beautiful items will keep buying buy buy, ask, how many people really need this item? Usually just because it is fun to look good.


Earlier, we talked about the rejuvenation of brand marketing. After all, the post-90s and post-00s are the main consumer group in today’s beauty market, and what attracts them is often first appearance.


Secondly, emotional marketing done well, can also make consumers “road to fan”. For example, when sportsmen and women struggle, and constantly surpass their strong will, the people of the country united national self-confidence, etc., presented in the product, they may feel: finally a brand with a product that speaks to our hearts!


In a word, since the old days, the formula has won the hearts of people, combined with current events, the launch of creative, is not a worthy method to try.

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