UNIQLO inspects the new needs of post-epidemic consumers and provides innovative products and services with the evolving art and science of clothing and life

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September 2, 2021 — Uniqlo, the world-renowned apparel brand, held an Empowering New Life Wear Future Fall/Winter 2021 presentation at its global flagship store in Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai, presenting ten new collections of “Future Innovative Clothing” to empower consumers with new values for their future lives through the art and science of LifeWear.


In life, change is always present. UNIQLO has insight into the needs of life under the new normal, combining four life scenarios and interpreting future life with clothing innovation: in the new environment of epidemic, people are eager to get close to nature and see the wider world; to re-examine the place they live and discover the beauty around them; to live freely in the city and be comfortable with simplicity and efficiency; to enjoy a moment of leisure and regain a more abundant self in the midst of movement and tranquility. -Freedom of Movement


Freedom of Movement is the best way to travel with your heart, empowering you to travel freely in the city.


Curated City Living is a business and leisure style that can be switched at will, empowering you to be comfortable and define your style.


Rest & Recharge Warm and invigorating, empowering the home, full of energy




Need for Nature technology light clothing, empowering health and vitality, explore the boundless nature


UNIQLO LifeWear brings new natural colors, new textured fabrics, new streamlined silhouettes and new outdoor functions to the top ten new collections for Fall/Winter 2021 through innovation in brand, product and service experience .


Uniqlo new sweatshirt: four new sweatshirts comfortable to be yourself, big drop shoulder stretching freely; high elasticity sweat absorption and quick drying; Morandi advanced color scheme; new inspiration co-branded art.


“Light change” light down: light, warm, portable, *3 durable waterproof, anti-static, *4 a package of five functions, enjoy the freedom of life without boundaries possible


“New trend” comfortable rocking down: soft short down, colorful long down, imitation lamb down, seven models, warmth from the gravitational force


“From the skin, moisture absorption and heat” HEATTECH warm underwear: thin touch moisture absorption and heat technology, from the skin, light and easy to warm


Uniqlo has “God” pants: new version of high-waisted leggings, show long legs; trendy workwear leggings, tide cool fried street


“Quality upgrade” new classic series: *1 machine washable 100% merino wool knit, *2 non-iron shirt and other carefully selected fabrics, craftsmanship and detail design, wear a cost-effective life


“Comfortable technology” non-steel ring bra series: four models to empower women to easily cope with a variety of scenarios, shaping a variety of beauty


“Fabric upgrade” health and vitality of children’s clothing: new children’s advanced light down, high-performance composite jacket, soft rocker down; warm and comfortable, to help growth, parent-child care of the same model health


INES cooperation series: French self-confidence and romance, to create three styles, senior fabrics French elegance, sharp tailoring French workplace style, color elements French personality style


Uniqlo U series: future aesthetics, life to the fashion, texture fabric, three-dimensional silhouette, pure color; the first launch of the fall and winter children’s series, the whole family share the master design


Gathering cool young people to interpret new products, immediately scan the code to become #Uniqlo youth, empowering the new generation and showing the future of youth life Following the official launch of the Uniqlo Youth Project in July to convey Uniqlo’s value proposition of empowering clothing with technology, empowering the new generation with clothing, and always accompanying the new generation to grow together, we saw the excellent creativity and vitality of China’s contemporary youth from the millions of enthusiastic young people who participated. StyleHint has invited representatives of YouYiKu youth to interpret their cool lifestyle and wear it to the future. To participate in the contest, you can express your personal attitude and show your love, and become a #YouyiCoolYouth.


LifeWear is an inter-generational partnership: creating clothes for people and empowering the future, #”Clothes” to change the future # UNIQLO has been accompanying Chinese consumers for 20 years. UNIQLO will contribute to a better society, empower youth with innovation and creativity, protect the green earth and sustainable future, and lead a new lifestyle for the future. UNIQLO invited six industry elites from various fields of Chinese society and strategic partners who have grown up together with LifeWear to share their stories of growing up with UNIQLO and empowering life and future through clothing.

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