Weight loss experts share: these few secrets are the key to successful weight loss

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Weight loss is about the method, not just physical work. The right method will allow you to spend less effort, improve the speed of fat burning, lose weight faster and maintain a good figure.


1, proper control of calorie intake, do not over-starve yourself

Want to lose weight, you need to control the diet, but you can not over dieting starve yourself. Excessive hunger will allow the body to release cortisol, which actively reduces the level of body metabolism, but also prone to overeating, which is not conducive to weight loss.


We have to ensure that the daily calorie intake is lower than the body’s total metabolic value of 300-400 calories, but not lower than the body’s basal metabolism, probably higher than 1200-1300 calories, so as to ensure the body’s basic functioning needs, reduce muscle decomposition, healthy and thin.


To reduce the appearance of hunger, you should eat more low-calorie, satiating food, such as watercress, cucumber, boiled eggs, boiled chicken breast, steamed fish, brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other foods.


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2, drink more water can enhance the sense of satiety

How do you do when you are hungry after three meals? Drink more water is an effective way to suppress hunger, water is no calories, can dilute the blood concentration and promote the discharge of waste. Drinking sufficient amount of water every day, weight loss will be much faster than those who do not like to drink water.


A glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach can wake up the body’s metabolism and promote blood circulation, a glass of water before meals can reduce hunger and effectively control the amount of food eaten, 8-10 cups of 250ml of water a day to avoid dehydration and maintain the body’s vigorous level of operation.


3, aerobic exercise before doing half an hour of strength training

Fitness exercise can effectively improve the activity metabolism and promote the body to burn fat, but only do aerobic exercise is far from enough, we need to join the strength training to exercise muscle and improve muscle content.


Muscle growth can improve the body’s basal metabolic value, protect bones and organs, slow down the body aging, but also improve the proportion of the body, thin down the body will not be too dry.


We can add a set of push-ups, squats, goat jacks, lunge squats and other training before aerobic exercise, and then jogging, playing ball, dancing and other sports. Keep 4-6 times a week fitness exercise, the body will also slowly slim down.


4, go to bed early, weight loss without effort

People who lose weight must avoid staying up late, staying up late tends to accelerate fat accumulation, accelerate the aging of body functions, so you become fat-prone physique, weight loss progress will also be affected.


And regular early to bed, sufficient sleep can promote leptin secretion, help the body function repair, the next day to operate more efficiently, so you can lose weight faster. Once someone insisted on going to bed at 10:00 and getting up at 7:00, other diet and rest remained the same, 2 months passed, and the weight dropped by 5 pounds.

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