What are the steps for light makeup? What kind of cosmetics do you need?

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Makeup is a necessary skill in our life, a good makeup can make you more delicate, for complex makeup is difficult to understand, small make up for you to introduce the steps of daily light makeup and cosmetics.


Makeup: Sunscreen – Liquid foundation – loose powder – eyebrow pencil – eye shadow – lipstick. So what are the steps?


Step 1: After the face is cleaned, daub good skin care products to make water for the skin. Then use sunscreen, sunscreen is what we need to do all the time, sunscreen is not in place is easy to lead to the formation of color spots.


Step 2: Daub foundation liquid, suggest novice use beauty makeup egg. Wet the makeup egg and apply the liquid foundation on the face with fingers. Dot the foundation in different areas to prevent drying. Then beat the makeup egg evenly to make it more uniform and smooth. Prevent card powder skill: can join a drop of essence in liquid of foundation of foundation, go up again after mixing.


makeup steps


Step 3: loose powder set makeup, to prevent go out makeup flower, must have done set makeup, otherwise very awkward. Oily skin chooses to be powder cake and loose powder commonly, dry skin still can use set makeup spray, the effect is better.


Step 4: draw eyebrows, according to their face shape and hair color, choose the appropriate eyebrow shape and eyebrow pencil color number, do not frown too deep, eyebrow tail is not recommended to exceed the temple.


Step 5: eye shadow, to novice, the eye shadow that earth fasten suits more, prevented not only abrupt, still more daily, versatile.


Step 6: lipstick should choose appropriate color number, can have the effect that makes the finishing point, promote complexion for you.


The introduction is over here, friends quickly learn it.

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