What does skin allergy cause have? Watch out for these 7 reasons to prevent skin irritation

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Spring and autumn change season is the most frequent allergy season, what are the causes of skin allergy? Pay attention to these 7 reasons to prevent skin allergy, it is recommended that you use allergic muscle maintenance techniques to help you maintain skin stability, away from allergies. The proportion of truly sensitive skin in all populations is less than 10%. And most of the skin incidents that often plague us are sudden allergies, which means that even healthy skin can be affected by unexpected allergies.


What does skin allergy cause have? Why can the skin be allergic? Although perfect skin again, also hard to avoid can appear sudden condition, specific performance is pan red, pruritus, start skin, edema, desquamate, extremely dry, red rash, small particle. The causes of these symptoms are as follows:


skin allergy


Cause 1: Air allergy. Dirty air is the enemy of the skin, soot, exhaust gas, pollen and other skin problems, leading to allergies.


Skin allergy cause 2: seasonal reaction. When changing seasons, the temperature and humidity change obviously, it is easy to cause the skin can not keep up with the new environment, and appear allergy.


Skin allergy cause 3: Cosmetic allergy. Switching to a new skincare or makeup product and having an allergy is most likely because you’re having an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients in the product. Without establishing skin tolerance, a sudden change of certain ingredients does not adapt. Generally, it can be restored after a period of time, and a small amount of uniform can gradually build up skin tolerance or change the product.


Skin allergy cause 4: photosensitivity. A few people are allergic to those light very easily also, wait like ultraviolet ray, infrared ray, X ray, especially ultraviolet ray is the important culprit of the problem such as skin sensitive, aging.


Skin allergy cause 5: menstrual allergies. Hormonal changes can also cause allergic problems, such as during a woman’s period, pregnancy and menopause.


Skin allergy cause 6: friction allergy. People with allergic constitution are prone to friction allergy, as long as the skin is severely rubbed, it will cause allergy.


Skin allergy cause 7: psychological allergy. Psychological problems such as serious negative emotions, unstable psychological state, work and life pressure, etc., can cause skin stress irritation, may also produce allergies.


The above is what are the causes of skin allergy, do you understand? As long as you pay attention to these 7 causes of skin allergy, you can prevent skin allergy. Do not panic when skin allergy symptoms, also do not use drugs, timely seek medical attention to confirm the cause of allergy.

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