What is the function of cosmetic cotton? What are the uses of cosmetic cotton?

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Almost every girl who can do daily skin care and make-up will buy a cotton pad. It is generally used to remove makeup and apply make-up water, but the cotton pad has many uses. Let’s introduce it to you today.


Remove makeup


We need to remove makeup after makeup. If we use make-up water to remove makeup, we need to use a cotton pad to assist us in removing makeup. The cotton pad can absorb enough makeup remover to help us remove the makeup on our face and wipe off the excess oil secreted by our skin. Cotton pad is an essential tool for removing makeup with makeup remover.


Apply lotion


The cotton pad can be used in the step of applying make-up water in the skin care program. Compared with hand application, the cotton pad can absorb the make-up water and apply it more evenly on the face, gently wipe it along the skin texture, and take away the excess cuticle and grease while applying the make-up water. Since it does not directly touch the skin with hands, the use of cosmetic cotton is more convenient, clean and safe than using hands.


Wet compress


Collocation of makeup cotton and make-up water is not only a function of smearing, but also can be used for wet compress to play the same function as mask. Choose a lighter, large piece of cosmetic cotton, and then put it on the forehead, cheeks, chin, temples and other places to fill the water. After moisturizing, the wet dressing is just the same as the makeup mask. This way of use can soften the cuticle like a mask, replenish moisture quickly for our skin, and apply wet compress before make-up is more conducive to the effect of makeup. So wet compress with a thin or thick cotton pad? What are the skin care steps before and after wet compress?


It is recommended to use a thin non-woven cotton pad for wet compress of make-up water. The non-woven cosmetic cotton is relatively thin and has a slightly thick touch, but it has strong water absorption ability. It is used for wet compress and saves cosmetic water. Moreover, due to the rough touch, the non-woven fabric is not suitable for wiping water emulsion and removing makeup. It is used to apply on the face without rubbing the skin. It can not only avoid the damage to the skin caused by friction, but also save makeup water.


cosmetic cotton


Skin care steps before and after wet compress:


1,Makeup removal: if there is makeup, use makeup removal products to remove the makeup products on the face; If you apply sunscreen and isolation cream, wipe it with makeup remover and cotton pad.


2,wash your face: choose mild mild cleansing cream, rub it out and apply it to your face for proper massage, then rinse it with warm water.


3,Wet compress: take a few thin cotton pads, thoroughly wet them with make-up water, and then paste them on the cheeks, chin and T-shaped area of the face. Pay attention to fully take care of the hidden places such as both sides of the nose wing, forehead and corners of the mouth. If it is found that there is a raised position after full application, spray can be used to add moisture. Wait about 5 minutes to remove the cotton pad.


4,Skin care: after removing the cotton pad, you don’t need to wash your face. You should start the follow-up skin care work as soon as possible, so the wet skin state is more conducive to the absorption of skin care products. According to the order of skin care, use lotion, essence, eye cream, lotion or cream to lock water and moisturize.




Cosmetic cotton is made of cotton fiber, which has a certain friction to the skin. When we use a cotton pad to apply make-up water and remove makeup, the cotton pad will take away part of the waste cuticle after wiping the skin. Water and nutrition are easier to be absorbed by the skin, making the skin more smooth and delicate.


The above is the function of cosmetic cotton. Have you learned it.

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