Which is the best big brand face cream? Lancome steals the show, Fazela Juranea is the first choice of noblewomen

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Cream is one of the essential skin care products, it is used in the last step of skin care, can provide more moisture and nutrition for the skin, play a role in moisturizing and locking water, because its texture is creamy, can provide a protective film for the skin, so that the moisture and nutrition of the previous skin care products do not easily evaporate, the skin to maintain a day of hydration and luster.


MRL Milne Face Cream


The main focus of this cream is to lighten and firm up, the main ingredient in it is retinol, which activates the cells from the inside and promotes collagen renewal to make the skin full and firm, and also the multiple plant extracts, which can fight against skin oxidation from the outside and brighten and reduce wrinkles. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. The actual face is very obvious, the jaw line is also clear, fine lines are filled in, now the whole face is Q elastic firm, feel young and energetic.


Lancome Essence Face Cream


The first thing is, from the outer packaging: the golden bottle looks very noble, the middle of the bottle is concave and convex design, hold in the hand will feel very stable, not easy to fall off, the texture of the main set is really not to say, is the small sample is plastic material, looks a little cheap.


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FAVOLAREALTA platinum magic water face cream


It focuses on anti-aging and firming, inside the composition is platinum, can soothe the skin’s irritation response, to deep repair block aging, so that the skin contour more firm, in addition to compounded double plant extracts, so that the skin texture delicate and tender. It is a soft and delicate ice cream texture, open and a healing floral fragrance, on the face light and silky, push away the massage has been absorbed, the face is not sticky and stuffy feeling, a period of time down, the dry apple muscle has been bang up, the upward trend, the face jaw line are clear a lot, the skin touch is soft and bouncy. Now my skin feels firm and full all the time.


Algenist Ojeni Cream


It’s main focus is hydration and fine line reduction. It is composed of bifid yeast, which helps to stabilize the skin and balance the base, thus accelerating the removal of wrinkles. Then there’s the North American witch hazel, which is what reduces oil secretion and can refine pores. It is a very clear water-like texture, gently patted on the very good absorption, used to wet compress is also very suitable. It is to help repair the skin at night, the oxidative damage accumulated during the day. Every time I wake up the next day my skin is very firm and bright.


FR Revitalizing VCIP Face Cream


Its core ingredients are VCIP and Perlane Rosehip Oil, which can be used for both whitening and anti-aging as well as moisturizing. It is a white cream texture, moisturizing degree is very good, night use does not feel too heavy, after the absorption of the skin is matte, summer use is also zero shine. The most obvious feeling during the use of it is that the skin firmness is improved, and the tone will also be improved. The entire skin condition looks good and even, and the pores are also refined.


The best way to get the most out of your skin is to use a cream.


The first thing is, from the packaging: the essence of the cream is pure white primed bottle, above all is English, overall very simple, can not pick out the shortcomings of the packaging, but there is really no big highlight, is a very simple appearance plus a textured bottle.

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