Why does your face suddenly grow spots? The seven bad habits that tend to grow spots

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Women should pay attention to it, whether you are a young girl, a young girl, or a lady, will be harmed by spots. Why do you suddenly have spots on your face? As a matter of fact, who the discoloration on the face will grow to does not entirely depend on age. Unhealthy lifestyle habits can lead to the appearance of discoloration. The following beauty and skin care network to summarize and share the seven bad habits prone to spots, take a look!


Bad habits prone to spots 1: do not pay attention to sun protection


Most of the wrinkles and spots are caused by photo aging, the strong sunlight in summer, UV radiation will activate melanin mother cells, the formation of tyrosinase, and with the new cells constantly updated to the surface of the skin, pigmentation will form spots, we must take umbrellas, hats in addition to go out, but also good skin care.


Bad habits that tend to grow spots 2: heavy makeup


Cosmetics contain a large number of metal components, chemical components have absorption. Some people use cosmetics containing lead, mercury and other chemical metal components or added fragrances for a long time, which can easily lead to dark spots on the skin. The skin is covered by strong cosmetics for a long time and cannot breathe well. Unclean makeup removal, pigments and harmful substances in cosmetics remaining on the surface of the skin, or even penetrating into the skin, can cause pigment accumulation. Use professional makeup remover products to remove makeup must use, luxury pulse water condensed pure moisturizing makeup remover milk, while thoroughly clean, will not damage the skin.


grow spots


Bad habits that tend to grow spots 3, excessive whitening


Many people have heard that a white cover a hundred ugly, but do you know? Excessive whitening will harm our skin and increase the chance of growing spots. Some MM in order to whitening will often exfoliate, frequent exfoliation makes the skin more sensitive to light, become dry, the sun will be a rash, pigmentation but more serious than the original. Who does not want to be white? But there must be a degree! Inappropriate maintenance methods will cause a lot of damage to their own, so be sure to find a suitable maintenance program for their own skin, luxury pulse custom skin care methods can help you choose a more suitable skin care program for their own skin type.


Bad habits that tend to grow spots 4: cleaning does not pay attention to


Many household products can harm the skin, such as laundry detergent, detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, bleach these cleaners contain alkali and fatty acids, the two main chemical components. In the removal of stains at the same time also hurt the skin, long exposure without good skin cleaning, spots will creep onto the face. Therefore, you must do a good job of cleaning your skin and never be lazy, otherwise you will regret it. The choice of cleansing products is also very careful yo, luxury pulse amino acid cleansing mousse clean and not tight, sensitive skin can also be used, will not cause excessive cleaning.


Bad habits that tend to grow spots 5: long time facing the computer


Facing computer for a long time will aggravate face acne, radiation spots, dry and dull skin, eye vision loss and dark circles, but with the continuous expansion of computer applications, we can no longer live and work without computer. What to do? In addition to consciously reduce the time facing the computer, isolation of radiation protection is also important. Applying anti-radiation isolation sunscreen can effectively stop the damage of computer radiation to the skin, reduce the chance of pigmentation and be less prone to spots.


Bad habits that tend to grow spots 6: love to eat fried, spicy and other stimulating food


Who can resist the temptation of carbonated drinks, cookies and potato chips, fried food, barbecued meat, hot pot, skewers, etc.? These foods are basically high sugar, high oil, high irritant food. Long-term consumption will bring a great burden on the body, especially after 10 p.m., the liver, lungs and kidneys are heavily detoxified, but you are still eating snacks, which is not good for the body and skin. Let’s resist the temptation of food and eat more light food.


Bad habits that tend to grow spots 7: do not love sports


Many people do not love sports, especially the office family nowadays, rushing to work every day to go to work, eating a big meal with friends after work, or having to take care of their families. How long have you not exercised? You should know that the skin is the largest organ of the body, skin cells have the function of breathing and excretion, moderate exercise can make the body’s dirty things with sweat out. Hurry up and arrange a time for yourself to do a good exercise, sweat and detoxify!


Why do you have spots on your face all of a sudden? In fact, it is all ignored in our daily life. Many bad habits will unknowingly affect the state of the skin, so, my dear, please always remember to take good care of yourself, so that you can better care for your family. Let’s come together and change the seven bad habits that make you prone to spots in life and refuse to be a white beauty.

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